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Linee is a one-ingredient appetite suppressant that claims to increase weight loss. While appetite suppressants will help a dedicated dieter lose weight by reducing cravings, it cannot make the dieter choose healthy foods. Dieters taking appetite suppressants need to choose a reduced calorie diet and exercise plan to gain the most from appetite suppression. Otherwise, the dieter will likely maintain weight or gain weight even though they are taking a weight loss supplement.

List of Ingredients

Potato Starch Protein.

Product Features

Linee works by introducing potato starch protein into the diet. There are clinical studies proving potato starch protein suppresses appetite. The dieter may not see the weight loss they are looking for from Linee, but it will help make control a bit easier. This takes into consideration the dieter that wants to lose weight and is actively following a weight loss diet and exercise program. Linee works my signaling the brain that the tummy is full sooner. This cuts out some of the food the dieter would normally eat, but it does not teach the dieter healthy eating habits.

There is another problem with Linee. Even if the supplement does suppress appetite, it cannot tell the dieter what to eat. For instance, 12 ounces of lean fish and vegetables compared to 12 ounces of cheesecake provide quite different calorie totals. Linee cannot stop the extra calories from converting to fat even if the dieter stops eating only half way through the cheesecake serving.

Linee does not contain fat burners or other stimulant ingredients. For some dieters this is great news, but other dieters like the feeling of extra energy associated with stimulant use. Stimulants like caffeine and green tea are proven to boost metabolism.

Linee sells for $24 for 60 capsules. There is Vitamin B12 in the supplement, so the dieter may feel a bit of energy boost, but it will last only a short while.

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  • Linee lists all ingredients online.
  • The supplement sells for less than comparable products.


  • Linee cannot help the dieter choose healthy foods.


Weight loss is about suppressing appetite, boosting metabolism, increasing exercise and eating healthier foods. When these four elements are combined, the dieter is doing everything they can to lose weight and the weight will come off, slowly. Combining one or two of these elements could result in short-term weight loss, but the dieter may not lose weight fast enough or they may feel they are missing something. We suggest making a list of the four key elements of weight loss and checking each one off. Some weight loss supplements combine fat burners with appetite suppressants to help the dieter achieve a metabolism boost while inhibiting hunger.

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