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Liothyronine was designed to help people lose weight that may have gained excess pounds due to an abnormality in the way their thyroid functions. These people gain weight no matter how much they exercise or how little they eat. Liothyronine claims to help people who have an underlying hormone or thyroid complications.

Lithyroninemakes claims that it will augment thyroid function when they are malfunctioning in a way to cause weight gain and other health problems such as fatigue, heat intolerance, insomnia, muscle weakness, tremors and rapid heartbeat. This medicine was developed to address hypothyroidism.

List of Ingredients

Liothyronine is the brand name for a drug called Liothyronine Sodium. It is an injectable drug that is given by a syringe and needle. There are also tablet forms available but these are sold under the brand name of Cytomel. The injectable form of Liothyronine is often used to test for thyroid disease.

Product Features

Liothyronine is a pharmaceutical drug, and requires it to be available by prescription only. The purchase price for it is typically covered by medical insurance or by Medicaid. However, unless the insurance company agrees it is medically necessary and it is part of your coverage plan, they may not pay for the prescription. Check with your insurance provider before getting the prescription filled.

The injectable Liothyronine is not as commonly prescribed as other forms of the drug. The medication was designed to address two thyroid conditions which are hypothyroidism and enlarged thyroid glands. The drug claims to fill the void between hypothyroidism and enlarged thyroid glands by providing the body with enough thyroid hormone to alleviate the symptoms.

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  • Liothyronine may help reduce weight when the weight gain is associated with an underlying hormone or thyroid condition.
  • Most insurances recognize the medical benefits of Liothyronine and will pay for the prescription.


  • The drug may have side effects that may be bothersome to some people who take the drug.
  • Liothyronine will probably not help with weight loss when it is not associated with a hormone or thyroid imbalance.
  • Available by prescription only and must be used under the advice and supervision of a health professional.
  • Liothyrone is not available to treat weight conditions alone.


Liothyronine is claimed by some experts to be a comprehensive medical option for thyroid disease. The medication has undergone extensive scientific studies and has been deemed safe for the intended purposes. It is under the authority and regulation of the Food and Drug Administration. It is probably not beneficial to an individual who does not have one of these conditions. The consumer should be aware of the side effects, as well as the benefits, the pharmaceutical drug can cause before they begin using the medication.

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  • 1

    Does liothyronine works? how many pounds could someone lose? how long?



    Ruby no. I don’t recommend. I have a high tolerance against side effects and this one sent me to the hospital with chest (angina) pains. My thyroid is borderline but not desperate enough to keep taking this. G’luck!