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What You Should Know

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LipaphenRX is a fraud weight loss product with no ingredients online. The manufacturer, FWM Laboratories is named in many online rip-off reports and complaints. According to consumers, credit cards are charged full price for free trials only a few weeks after the trial has been ordered. The fine print often states that the consumer has 14 days to review a supplement. That 14 day period starts the moment the supplement is ordered. If the bottle does not arrive for 10 days, the consumer has only 4 days to call the company, get a return authorization and pay to send it back, which is often impossible.

FWM Laboratories clearly took the name for LipaphenRX RX from Lipofen, a prescription medication. The trouble is Lipofen is a cholesterol medication that offers no benefits for dieters. Lipofen, the prescription, comes with a long list of side effects including abdominal pain, increased enzymes in the liver and difficulty breathing. This is not a medication a supplement company should be attempting to mimic.

List of Ingredients

None available.

Product Features

According to descriptions online, LipaphenRX is supposed to increase weight loss, burn more fat, increase energy and get a dieter in shape. There is no supplement in the world that can live up to all these claims. Supplements have no power over the body in terms of fitness. While some promote healthy lean muscle and muscle gains, no supplements can get a dieter in shape. This is an absurd claim.

The lack of an official website and ingredient list leaves the dieter wondering what the supplement contains that can help melt fat off the body, but they will never know, as even the FWM Laboratories website cannot be found online. Consumer complaints and rip-off reports are quite easy to find, however. Ideally, customer service is an important part of any diet supplement’s success. FWM Laboratories does not have good customer service practices and thus no consumer support.

After the free trial has expired, consumers are charged about $90 for the supplement. Cancelling is difficult with additional charged of $90 being noted months after cancellation requests have been taken by the company.

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  • None.


  • Free trial offer linked to auto-ship.
  • Consumers have trouble cancelling orders.
  • Charges continue to appear on credit card and bank statements months after cancellation.
  • No ingredients could be found for LipaphenRX.


We cannot support LipaphenRX because we have no ingredients to research for dieters. In addition, dieters should beware of any product sold by FWM Laboratories due to a large number of consumer complaints and excess charges appearing on consumer credit cards. LipaphenRX is clearly named after the prescription medication Lipofen, but we have no idea why the manufacturer would make that link.

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