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The online encyclopedia Wikpedia tells us that Lipase is a water soluble solution which catalyzes the hydrolysis of the ester bond. Lipase plays a fundamental role in the digestion and the processing of fats. Some experts believe that low levels of Lipase in the body are a major cause of obesity. However not all medical experts agree with this.


Lipase is a water soluble solution that catalyzes the hydrolysis of the ester bond.

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We do know that in order to properly digest fats the body needs lipase and that it also has other roles to play such as regulating the blood pressure in the body. Enzyme Therapists who work with overweight people often recommend Lipase based supplements as a way of helping the body to properly and efficiently digest fats. There are a number of Lipase based supplements available for sale online such as the supplement known as Lypozyme. This can be ordered directly from on line shops at a price of $27.95.

There do not appear to be many testimonials available online from those who have used Lipase based supplements, although there are one or two books available for sale written by physicians who believe that low lipase levels have a role to play in obesity. Of course, reasons for weight gain vary enormously form person to person, and will depend on individual circumstances and habits. Existing health problems as well as individual diets and exercise habits have a great role to play in the cause of weight gain. So, although it may be true that low lipase levels are the cause of weight gain in some people, it is not correct to say that it is the major cause of weight gain in all of those who are overweight.

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  • Information regarding Lipase is available on line.
  • Lipase based supplements such as Lypozyme are available for purchase from on line shops.
  • Lipase based supplements are reasonably priced.


  • There is no proof that Lipase based supplements are more effective in procuring weight loss than other weight loss supplements for sale.
  • There is no concrete evidence to back up the claims made by some Physicians that low lipase levels are a major cause of weight loss.
  • Not everyone suffers from low lipase levels.
  • There have not been enough controlled trials carried out on lipase supplements.
  • Research on the effects of lipase on weight loss is still fairly new and controversial.


At the end of the day not everyone who is overweight has low lipase levels. This certainly means that lipase supplements will not be useful for everyone who has weight problems. Also there simply is not enough evidence available to back up the claim that low lipase levels are a major cause of obesity. This is probably one to ask your doctor about.

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    A. Epp

    I’m on blood thinners is it safe? I have real high tryglicerides please help


    Cameron (Editor)

    Please consult your doctor; only (s)he could adequately inform you of the risks to your body in relation to your condition and medicines.


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