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Those who have struggled with weight loss know the temptation of a product that offers to make weight loss easily. If you add to that a money back guarantee and all natural ingredients the product will often sound like a sure thing. Unfortunately, many diet pill makers are more interested in making money for themselves than in helping their clients lose weight. The duplicity of some companies can cause dieters to worry about the legitimacy of other products. However, there are numerous diet supplements that have proven effective and who do live up to their advertising. Being aware that this is not always the case, however, should encourage consumers to check reputable sources for user reviews before purchasing a product, regardless of claims or guarantees.


Lipoban was created and marketed by Frank Sarcona. His business began in Florida in the early 2000s. The company was raided by federal authorities in 2004 and Sarcona has been undergoing legal proceedings regarding the company until February of 2010. Lipoban was available online and in some grocery stores up until recently.


List of Ingredients


The ingredients for Lipoban include 500mg of natural LipSan Ultra Chitosan as well as a mineral extract made from shellfish. Chitosan is a mixture of the crushed skeletons of crab, shrimp, and lobster.


Product Features


The primary ingredient in Lipoban, chitosan, is a popular ingredient in diet supplements. There has been some scientific research that indicates that this ingredient can help bind fatty acids and remove them from the body. With proper exercise and a healthy diet there has been evidence that chitosan can help a person achieve weight loss goals. However, Lipoban claimed to result in weight loss and the loss of inches without altering ones diet or adding an exercise routine.


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  • Product claimed to be all natural.
  • Lipoban claimed to have a thirty day 100% money back guarantee.



  • Product was labeled as a scam by many consumers and websites.
  • Product is no longer available.
  • Many consumers have been unable to receive their money back even after following the money back guarantee procedures.




While there were a few positive reviews and testimonials by those who purchased Lipoban during the early months after its release, the overwhelming consensus was that the product did not work. In fact, the product is no longer available in stores or online and the creator of the product was sentenced to twenty years in prison for fraudulent claims. Again, this product serves as a reminder that not all diet companies are reputable and shows the importance of seeking out companies that have a established a good reputation for providing a product that lives up to its claims.

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