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Lipidryl is a weight loss supplement from Bioscience Research Institute. The company sells the product on There is a Bioscience Research Institute associated with a university in Italy, but we doubt the two are connected in any way. There is no official website for Lipidryl, but the main ingredient in the formula does have some clinical support.

List of Ingredients


  • IGOB131

Product Features

We were throw off by the ingredient list for Lipidryl at first; that is, until we researched the ingredient and found it was a type of African mango extract. According to the clinical trial listed in the product description, IGOB131 was effective at promoting weight loss in the active group of a small clinical trial. The average weight loss in the active group was 28 pounds after just 10 weeks taking IGOB131 or Lipidryl. While Lipidryl was not specifically named there are no other ingredients in the formula and the amount of IGOB131 in Lipidryl is identical to the amount used in the study.

So, does clinical support on this scale prove dieters will lose weight while taking Lipidryl? The fact that Lipidryl contains 150 mg of IGOB131 – the tested brand of African mango extract in the tested amount, is positive. If the dieter takes the supplement as directed and follows a reduced calorie diet and moderate exercise program there is a good chance they will lose more weight than if they did not take the supplement, based on limited research. However, Lipidryl contains a proven weight loss ingredient, but not the only proven weight loss ingredient. Dieters may have more luck losing weight with a combination of weight loss ingredients, including IGOB131.

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  • IGOB131 is clinically proven to boost weight loss in a small-scale study.
  • The only ingredient in Lipidryl is IGOB131.
  • Lipidryl contains the proven amount of the ingredient.


  • We could find only the single human study.
  • Some experts claim the study is of poor quality.
  • If IGOB131 is solely responsible for 28 pounds of weight loss in 10 weeks why aren’t more dieters losing weight?
  • Reviewers claim the supplement does not work.


We are always intrigued by supplements with clinical support and poor customer testimonials. Could the clinical trial information have been misrepresented? Could the dieters be overeating enough to counteract the effects of Lipidryl? There are many possible scenarios that could lead to a dieter gaining weight while taking a proven ingredient, but in the end reviews for Lipidryl are far more negative than positive leading us to believe this supplement is not as beneficial as the study claims.

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