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What You Should know

LipidShield is a supplement designed to lower cholesterol through the use of natural ingredients. The blend of ingredients are supposed to increase your HDL, good cholesterol without the side effects of prescription medications. LipidShield claims to offer an effective alternative to prescribed pharmaceutical drugs that lower cholesterol.

List of Ingredients

LipidShield contains plant sterols and plant stanols. Sterols and stanols are found in plants and animals and are suppose to aid in cellular growth. Because cholesterol is a human produced sterol, the plan sterols and stanols found in LipidShield are claimed to work to reduce cholesterol absorption through competition. This is how LipidShield claims to lower the LDL or bad cholesterol. This has not been scientifically proven and the results of any clinical studies that offer undisputed conclusive evidence have not been released publically.

Other ingredients found in Lipidshield are Guggul which is supposed to be a natural cholesterol lowering agent from Indian medicine; and red rice yeast, also used in Chinese medicine to reduce cholesterol. These ingredients have not been tested for effectiveness in reducing cholesterol either.

Product Features

The recommended daily dosage of LipidShield is twice each day- once in the morning and once in the evening. LipidShield recommends taking the supplement 20 to 30 minutes before meals. It is not recommended for use by pregnant or nursing women, people under the age of 18 or people who are taking other cholesterol lowering medications. Though LipidShield is available without a prescription, it is advised to seek the guidance of a medical doctor before beginning the supplement.

LipidShield claims that no additional exercise or dietary guidelines are required for LipidShield to work, however this has not been proven conclusively by any of the studies that have been released to the public. Anyone already practicing a healthy diet and exercise routine should continue.

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  • LipidShield is undergoing clinical trials to determine if it is a viable product to effectively lower cholesterol.
  • The facility uses standards that are consistent with the Food and Drug Administration inspection and is a registered facility meaning it is safe, effective, and purity.


  • Not yet approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration as a cholesterol lowering supplement.
  • The supplement is suppose to be all natural but this does not mean it is safe or effective.


LipidShield was created by a cardiothoracic surgeon and has undergoing in house research to determine its effectiveness at lowering cholesterol, but these have not be substantiated by outside agencies. The Federal Food and Drug Administration has not approved the supplement for use as a cholesterol lowering alternative. Anyone who considers using the supplement to control cholesterol should seek the advice of their personal health care professional and be monitored for the results as different supplements work differently from one person to the other.

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4 User Reviews about LipidShield

  • 1
    Pat Klima

    My husband cholesterol was 376 when he started to take these amazing pills. Now it is 144. He has to take blood work every three months and when he runs out, even for 2 weeks and then he goes to the Doctor, his numbers are high. He is also can not take statins and the is the only way he can keep is cholesterol controlled. I wish we could get on our prescriptions but we always have to go on line. AMAZING drug.


  • 2

    My husband and I both are now completely off prescription cholesterol meds thanks to LipidShield Have recommended it to many!


  • 3
    roberta fortner

    I took Lipid shield for 1 month/ My cholesterol went from 222 to 195,triglycerids from 153 to 97.Great product



    I bought LipidShield on Amazon. But I read 8 reviews which were all 5 stars and the users are extremely pleased with it’s performance. It will probably never get approved by the FDA because this product would probably hurt the sales of Statin drugs which are far more dangerous.