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For those who are new to the weight loss game, you may have your work cut out for you if you are search of a supplement that assists with weight reduction. Hopefully this review will be able to help you better understand the product Lipitrol. This is a dietary supplement that is manufactured by Ortho Molecular Products. Although there is an official website for this brand, Lipitrol does not appear to be located on the website at this time. This could be due to a discontinuation of the supplement. However, Lipitrol can be found for sale on other websites like and It tends to sell for $35-40 (90 capsules).

While there are countless weight loss products available that help by curbing hunger, blocking carbohydrates from being stored in the body, burning away fat and improving thermo genesis, Lipitrol is actually claimed to regulate cholesterol levels. By taking this dietary supplement, users are supposed to be able to better maintain healthy cholesterol levels and heart health. It contains five different key active components, which are Chromium (supports normal cholesterol levels), Inositol Hexaniacinate (acts like niacin), Standardized Gugulipids (helps with heart health and cholesterol levels), Guar Gum (helps remove bile from the user’s stool), and Artichoke Leaf Extract (aids the liver with getting rid of cholesterol and bile).


Not available on the official website.

Product Features

Lipitrol is a supplement formula that is taken daily in order to balance healthy cholesterol levels. This product is available without a doctor’s prescription and can be acquired with ease on the web. Although the five key ingredients are disclosed for Lipitrol, the full list of ingredients is not available on the website. It is not evident that this dietary supplement helps with real weight loss. Furthermore, there is no clinical data provided to support Lipitrol as a cholesterol maintenance supplement. It does not look like any warnings are addressed with this product.

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  • Lipitrol may be able to help some individuals maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
  • There is no hassle involved with attaining this supplement since it is available online and can be purchased at any time.


  • There are no potential side effects or warnings listed out for Lipitrol, which may raise a few eyebrows.
  • Unfortunately some individuals may have allergic reactions to certain ingredients found in Lipitrol.
  • There is no clinical research provided to support the claims made about this supplement formula.
  • A healthy diet plan and regular exercise are not encouraged with Lipitrol.


All in all, Lipitrol appears to be a fairly simple supplement formula with one intention. As stated where this product is sold, Lipitrol really only aims to balance out cholesterol levels. There are no claims that this supplement will aid with weight reduction or improved thermo genesis. Therefore if lower cholesterol levels are what you are after, then this may be a supplement that is suitable for you. Just be sure to consult your doctor before taking a supplement like Lipitrol. There could be some side effects that apply.

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  • 1

    IIt has worked for me in mantra ways it gave me my life back and God. I could ntt owe the weight at all ended up in three hospital blood pressureout of control I had a rIght had a s received a essure out of wackhI had a stock,but then my doctor.have mylipitrol in the hospital weigh 618 of 29/14 * I weightin at 490 pda .yes it does woke owing lit no excise.I’ve lost over 150pda and feel great And I’ve been telling everyone about. It Ian witness it works as weight lost product and lower my blood pressure. Thank God my doc found this.if you like for me to tell my testimonial email me thank you i feel great healthy.amendment.


  • 2
    clinton m. chapman

    does lipitrol causes your bp to rise or drop? and will it give you muscles weakeness? what are the other side effects?


  • 3

    I have very high cholesterol, in the 400’s. Nothing seems to impact it. My Endocrinologist suggested Lipitrol. I cannot take Lipitor since I get bad side effects from Lipitor. I am taking Lipitor 3X day and am experiencing strange BP. My BP is 98/67. My BP is normally about 85/130. What is going on? Could this be from Lipitrol? That is the only change I have made. I am 71 and have had this cholesterol level since my mid 30’s.



    If you are 70 and still living with this ‘problem’, then consider yourself lucky! So, don’t change what isn’t broken!


  • 4

    can I take lipitrol if I’m allergic to aspirin?