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Lipo 6X is marketed as a body building supplement that comes in the form of a quick release gel capsule. The formula is claimed to be available to the system fast and remain active in the body due to the technology the company developed. Reportedly the capsule has a pellet that releases fat burning properties of some of the ingredients. The company claims this allows the appetite suppressant to work around the clock along with the supposed fat burning ingredients. The formula is said to have a thyroid boosting component as well.

The ingredients in the supplement may or may not help with weight loss but it is heavy on stimulants such as caffeine and synephrine, therefore there will be almost 24 hour stimulation.

List Of Ingredients

The Lipo 6X product contains Caffeine, Synephrine, Yohimbine, Acacia, and Guggulsterones. This is all that is readily available about the ingredients in Lipo 6X because the distributor does not go into detail about the formula. Caffeine and Synephrine are both stimulators to the central nervous system. There are no studies to indicate the effectiveness of these ingredients. Additionally, one has to consider the biological affects to being stimulated around the clock.

Yohimbine has been studied in the prescription dose form called Yohimbine hydrocloride. This is proven effective in helping male impotence and in the treatment of sexual side effects casued by antidepressants as well as female hyposexual disorders. The ingredient is an active chemical found in the bark of the Pausinystalia yohimbe tree. However, these studies do not extend to the non-prescription strength of the chemical used in Lipo 6X. Acacia is an organic fiber, that is taken from the gum of the acacia tree. Acacia is used in fiber supplements and is also promoted as a prebiotic. These claims are not supported by studies.

Product Features

Lipo-6X is sold as a fat burner using a multi-phase delivery system that is suppose to allow the dieter to be stimulated all day and night.

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  • Immediate and extended release are available in the same capsule.


  • May cause over stimulation in some people.
  • May cause restless sleep patterns.
  • Safety has not been upheld.
  • No backed by scientific studies.


The Lipo 6X is marketed as a fat burner supplement for weight loss. The manufacturer claims the gel capsule will deliver an immediate dose and an extended dose at one time. The official website does not provide documentation to support its claims. Only photos of supposed before and after. The stimulants used in Lipo 6X are strong and the long term biological effects must be considered by anyone considering using the product.

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    I’ve been taking lips 6 for almost a month and I seem to be stuck at my weight. Im taking it the way it says I also excrice everyday. What can I do to get the full effect or is it that this just don’t work for me?