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The official website for the weight loss product Lipo Blast tells us that this product was originally developed in Brazil. We are further told that it was initially developed as a legal stimulant and mood enhancer. According to the official website for Lipo Blast, it was discovered once the product was developed and people started to use it and that it also had weight loss properties. We are told that Lipo Blast has thermogenic qualities and that it will increase the rate of the metabolism and burn fat.


The ingredients in Lipo Blast include Phenylethylamine, Pentahydrocyflavone,DMAE,N-Methylaminoethanol, Synephrine, Yerba Mate, Grape Seed Extract, Ginger, Cocoa Extract.

Product Features

Lipo Blast can be ordered directly from the official website at a price of $79.95. The official website for Lipo Blast also gives information regarding a full ninety day money back guarantee upon purchase of Lipo Blast if you are not satisfied. Lipo Blast contains Synephrine. This ingredient is also known under the name of Citrus Aurantium, or Bitter Orange. Synephrine became popular with the manufacturers of weight loss products when, the weight loss ingredient Ephedrine was banned by the FDA. A number of experts are now warning that Synephrine as an ingredient in weight loss products can increase the risk of a stroke. Also these types of thermogenic products which substantially increase the rate of metabolism in the body can be extremely dangerous for those suffering from certain medical problems, or for those who have a family history of certain illnesses. The manufacturers do not give any information regarding the contraindications associated with this product. Also the ingredients which are present in Lipo Blast can be found in a whole host of other weight loss products available for sale on the market.

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  • There is a full and comprehensive list of ingredients displayed on the official website for Lipo Blast.
  • There is a ninety day money back guarantee upon purchase of Lipo Blast.
  • This product can be ordered directly from the Lipo Blast official website.


  • There is no list of contraindications for this product displayed on the official website.
  • Lipo Blast contains Synephrine which some experts believe can increase the risk of a stroke.
  • Lipo Blast is rather expensive to purchase.
  • The ingredients which are present in Lipo Blast can be found in other weight loss products available for sale.


We are not prepared to recommend products which contain Synephrine until there is conclusive evidence that this ingredient does not increase the risk of a stroke. Furthermore we do not believe that it is prudent of the manufacturers to omit a listing of the contraindications related to this product.

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7 User Reviews about Lipo Blast

  • 1

    What is the recommended dosage? Two capsules in the morning? I have 90 pills and its meant to be a 30-day supply which suggests 3 pills/day. Has anyone used them yet/have any recommendations? Thanks!


  • 2

    I ordered on Ebay and they are white and red! Been taking them for 3 days now and really can’t tell if anything is happening :(



    ariam as a diet tech i can tell u 3 days isn’t enough time to get any results be realistic


  • 3

    i would like to know what color does lipoblast come in, because i orderes it and the pill is half white and half gray
    thank you



    I ordered LIPOBLAST by MetaHerbal and my pills are grey and red!



    ours in aus are red and yellow



    Thery are Grey & Red, the person who said white and red, I’m sure meant grey and red. It is a light grey color. I also got mine through Amazon or you can through Ebay as well, it’s much cheaper to do so.