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Endermologie created Lipo Massage which is a well known cellulite treatment in Europe for the past several years. Lipo Massage has only recently been offered in the United States. Endermologie claims Lipo Massage works to reduce cellulite through regulated suction on different areas of the body that pose a cellulite problem. People who undergo Lipo Massage must wear a body stocking that is suppose to allow the proper rate of suction at each of the targeted sites. The makers of the Lipo Massage claim that cellulite is a collection of fat tissue under the skin that can be removed by repeating Lipo Massage treatments. Multiple treatments may be necessary in order to achieve the results and some people will not achieve their desired results due to different body types. There are no known studies as to the effectiveness of this product or the accuracy of the claims made by Endermologie.

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Lipo Massage is typically found offered at skin care clinics and day spas. There is a device that is used to provide the suction and it is very large. The client will get dressed in a large body stocking to allow the device to suction at an efficient pressure. Only licensed endermologists or trained beauty therapists are suppose to use the machine to perform the Lipo Massage. This makes it appear as if the training threshold for performing the Lipo Massage is quite low.

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  • The treatment is done on an outpatient basis.
  • The procedure is non surgical.
  • The person performing the procedure must be trained in how to properly operate the device.


  • The procedure is very expensive at almost $1,000 per treatment.
  • Multiple treatments are often necessary to achieve desired results.
  • No money back guarantees.
  • Results will vary from one client’s body type to the next.
  • It is unclear if this is a regulated industry or not.


Lipo Massage is made by LPG Systems. Their website will help locate a Lipo Massage spa in your particular area. Lipo Massage is available world wide and prices vary from country to country. There have been no scientific studies to back up Endermologie’s claims of effectiveness. Safety factors are also unknown. The price is very high and there are no guarantees the first treatment will be successful. Endermologie claims the device works by to free up fat and provide a non surgical alternative to ridding the body of cellulite. There are no guarantees as to how each individual body type will improve with each treatment, if any. There are no money back guarantees that we are aware of.

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