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What You Should Know

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Lipo Sculpt Gel is marketed as a transdermal fat reducer due to its supposed ability to reduce fate and cellulite in the body. The advertisers for Lipo Sculpt claim that is the same product available in major health and fitness magazines, as if this proves its effectiveness. The advertisers further market the product stating that it works for Hollywood stars and it will work for anyone else. These claims are not supported by any research Lipo Sculpt Gel has put forth.

List Of Ingredients

The actual ingredient list for the Lipo Sculpt Gel is not readily available however, we can look to how the manufacturer describes Lipo Sculpt Gel. It is described as a phospholipid transdermal topical gel that delivers active ingredients such as: Aminophylline, Forsliolin, Yohimbine, and Caffeine.

Product Features

The manufacturer recommends the user rubs the gel into the area that is problematic for cellulite to reduce local body fat. The Lipo Sculpt Gel is marketed as better than an oral supplement with the same ingredient due to the rapid absorption of the active ingredients into the problem area. This is supposed to deliver a more focused result.

Lipo Sculpt Gel is claimed by its manufacturers to be a non surgical alternative to people considering having liposuction performed. Though a team of researcher and biochemists are claimed to have designed the gel, there is no indication that it works as indicated in the advertising materials. It is advertised as a slimming topical fat loss gel made to reduce fat for the whole body. The claims made by the advertisers fall short of saying it improves the appearance of the body but rather they say it works to reduce fat and cellulite in the body. None of the claims have been studied by unbiased sources and the actual results remain unknown. The gel is supposedly intended for use on the stomach, thighs, buttocks and hips, and under the arms and chin area.

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  • Provides an non surgical alternative to liposuction.
  • Less expensive than liposuction.
  • Can be used on the entire body without having to purchase multiple products.


  • The claims have not been backed up by research or unbiased studies.
  • The gel is more expensive than other versions of cellulite cream.


People who have used Lipo Sculpt Gel have reported some tightening of the skin when a gel like Lipo Sculpt Gel has been applied. However, real sculpting and toning of the body can only be accomplished through exercise and muscle strengthening. It is recommended anyone wanting to try the sculpting gel also incorporate a toning and strengthening work out into the routine.

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    Donna pantin

    Does this really work? Am tired of spending money on stuff that does not work