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Lipo 6 is a weight loss supplement that is manufactured by the company Nutrex Research. The name of this weight loss product refers to the original six ingredients which were contained in this product. However this product now only contains five ingredients. The original Lipo 6 contained Ephedra. However since the FDA ban on Ephedra this ingredient has been removed from Lipo 6. Lipo 6 is sold in liquid capsule form.


Caffeine, Guggulsterones, Yohimbe, Synephrine and Bioperine.

Product Features

There does not appear to be an official website for Lipo 6 but it can be ordered directly from online shops at a price of $26.39. There are a large number of product warnings for Lipo 6. It is not suitable for anyone suffering from any kind of thyroid disease, high blood pressure or diabetes. The list is more extensive than this, and so anyone considering using this product will need to carefully read the list of contraindications to ensure that it is a suitable product for them.

We are told by those who sell this product online that you should take two capsules thirty minutes before breakfast or before working out, and that it is a product that has been designed to be taken three times a day. There is a large amount of caffeine in this product and so those who use it may certainly want to cut down on the amount of coffee that they consume. Lipo 6 also contains Synephrine which also known as Bitter Orange and Citrus Aurantium. However a number of experts believe that it can increase the risk of a stroke. Guggelsterones which is present in Lipo 6 is derived from the resin of a tree which is native to India. It has traditionally been used to increase thyroid function. All of the ingredients which are present in Lipo 6 can be found in a whole host of other weight loss supplements available for sale on the market.

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  • Lipo 6 does not contain Ephedra anymore.
  • This product is available from a number of online shops.
  • There is a full and comprehensive list of ingredients given for this product.


  • Lipo 6 contains Synephrine which some experts believe can increase the risk of stroke.
  • There is no official website for Lipo 6.
  • There does not appear to be a money back guarantee upon purchase of Lipo 6.
  • We have to wonder if the product is still as effective without its original formula.


We are given no information that convinces us that Lipo 6 is more effective than other products which contain the same ingredients. Also we do not like to recommend products which contain Synephrine until there is conclusive evidence available that it does not increase the risk of a stroke.

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    Hi I have been using the Lipo 6 product from couple of days and i have used 5 pils till date, i am feeling a bit of chill and body aches, can any tell me what exactly should be done for this, should i continue this pils or should i stop them, Help will be much appriciable.