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What You Should Know

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Lipo-Sorb is also called Liposorb and is marketed as a supplement to aid in weight loss. The makers of Lipo-Sorb, claims its formula is effective at blocking fat from the system. The formula for Lipo-Sorb was designed to reduce the absorption of dietary fat into the body. The manufacturer also claims to have additional products that are suppose to give results to people who use them along with their cornerstone product, Lipo-Sorb. The product is marketed directly to women but men may also be able to lose weight with Lipo-Sorb.

List Of Ingredients

Lipo-Sorb has three primary blends. The blends are named: Marine Biopolymer Blend, Bile Catalyst Blend, and Enzyme Activator Blend. Chitosan, glucomannan, artichoke leaf, and milk thistle are some of the ingredients in the blends.

The makers of Lipo-Sorb do not elaborate on the purposes for each ingredient but they are general knowledge. It is claimed that Chitosan, or marine shell fiber, might be capable of attracting fat from the digestive system and expelling it from the body so the dieter can lose weight without making a change in their dietary intake. Unmodified Chitosan supposedly will remove about 30 calories each day from the user’s diet. Glucomannan is a dietary fiber that is water-soluble. It is believed the Glucomannan will absorb a lot of water and act as a bulking agent to aid in helping the stomach feel full and suppress the appetite.

Product Features

The manufacturer of Lipo-Sorb claims the supplement is a safe way to compliment the weight loss program and meet health and weight loss goals. The advertisers refer to the Fractionated Marine Biopolymer Fiber Blend when discussing the effectiveness of the product. It is stated to be fiber compounds that actually bind and help eliminate dietary fats. The marine fiber in the blend is actually Chitosan. There are no scientific studies to indicate the effectiveness of Lipo-Sorb .

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  • Provides an non surgical alternative to liposuction.
  • Less expensive than liposuction.
  • Economical when compared to comparable products.


  • The Lipo-Sorb makers claims are not substantiated with scientific documentation.
  • The company does not make its full ingredient list publically available.


The Lipo-Sorb appears to be a good source of fiber and should do well worked into the daily diet as a fiber supplement. However, there is nothing to support that the product has the ability to improve weight loss results. If the manufacturer was more willing to open the research support for inspection or a complete ingredients list, perhaps a judgment could be made based on these facts. Dieters should supplement a healthy diet and fitness regimen that includes quality supplements with a proven track record when starting to take the Lipo-Sorb supplement.

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    amy daraway

    I would like to know the side effect of lipo-sorb in the kidney or any internal organ particularly in the lower abdominal part of the body?