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Lipo Ultra is a laser body sculpting procedure eliminating fat from the body. The minimally invasive procedure uses ultrasonic lasers in order to reduce pain and the possibility of a hospital stay. There are several claims associated with Lipo Ultra, including, fat reduction, permanent fat loss and tightening of the skin. With any surgical procedures, there are benefits and risks. We will take a closer look to see if Lipo Ultra is a viable options for individuals looking to lose weight and better manage weight loss.

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  • Minimally invasive laser surgery.

Product Features

Lipo Ultra is a minimally invasive laser surgery that removes fat from the body. The process involves using ultrasonic waves and local anesthetic. Dieters have the ability to target specific areas or receive treatments for the entire body. Throughout the official website, the physicians noted the process is permanent, affordable and tightens the skin. The recovery time is short, considering the procedure takes places in the doctor’s office; there is no need for a hospital stay.

There are several concerns associated with Lipo Ultra. The statement of permanent fat loss is a bit misleading. There is no information relating to diet. Therefore, a dieter completes the procedure and eats an unhealthy diet filled with saturated fats. What do you think the outcome will be?

There was also information relating to the affordability of the procedure. We made a call to the offices and found out the lowest procedure costs in excess of $1,000. Several procedures cost more than $5,000. This is quite expensive and we think the average dieter will think the same way. Instead of spending this amount of money, a dieter could easily incorporate exercise and eat a balanced diet and possibly see better results.

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  • The process is minimally invasive.
  • No hospital stay is required.


  • Lipo Ultra does not address diet or exercise.
  • You will need multiple sessions in order to achieve maximum results.
  • The process is expensive.
  • The procedure may not be covered by insurance.
  • There is no guarantee of long-term weight loss.


Lipo Ultra is a minimally invasive means to reduce fat from the cell, promoting weight loss. At times, this is the only option necessary to assist individual with weight loss. The concern we have is surgery does not address the root cause of weight gain. You may look better and feel better, but there is little consideration given to healthy eating habits or exercise. In order to maximize weight loss, you need to incorporate healthy eating habits, engage in a well-designed fitness plan and consume the correct supplements on a daily basis.

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