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Lipo Wrap is a “body wrap patch contouring system.” The official website states that this product assists women with weight loss, cellulite reduction, the minimization of wrinkles and reducing inches from their body. It sells for $110 through the website, or a Double Lipo Kit is offered for $210. Lipo Wrap is claimed to be paraben-free and audio customer testimonials are presented on the website. There is a convenient 1-800 number provided to assist customers with queries.

Basically, the Lipo Wrap system targets areas of the body that are difficult to slim and tone up. These fatty areas are the neck, chin, abs, back, arms and legs. Not only is the Lipo Wrap patch claimed to aid in the weight loss process, but it’s also supposed to make the user appear more young and radiant. Lipo Wrap is directed to be used once each week for 90 days. A specific lotion/gel is applied before the patch, and a supplement is taken afterwards. An actual 4-step regimen is described on the website that goes as follows; step 1 (measure areas), step 2 (apply the patch), step 3 (apply the gel product) and step 4 (take the supplements).

List of Ingredients

Not available on the official website.

Product Features

Lipo Wrap is a “contouring system” that is claimed to help women tone, reduce inches, lose weight, minimize cellulite and battle wrinkles. Patches, a topical gel and oral supplements are all part of the Lipo Wrap system. Although no major ingredients are addressed on the official website for Lipo Wrap, it is revealed that this product aims to “break up localized fat in the upper level skin cells.” This supposedly results in weight loss and an overall slimmer figure. A 100% money-back guarantee doesn’t appear to be posted on the official Lipo Wrap website. No clinical evidence to support Lipo Wrap is offered at this time.

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  • The official website discusses what Lipo Wrap patches, gel and supplements actually aim to accomplish.
  • Lipo Wrap kits can be purchased easily through the actual website.
  • There are unique audio clip success stories offered on the website.


  • A satisfaction or money-back guarantee is not posted on the official website.
  • Key active ingredients are not revealed for Lipo Wrap on the website.
  • It doesn’t appear that any clinical trials have been performed for Lipo Wrap.
  • A full list of ingredients for the Lipo Wrap supplements is not available at this time.
  • Some users may have a negative reaction to Lipo Wrap, and no allergy information or warnings are provided.
  • Usage instructions for Lipo Wrap aren’t entirely clear.


When it comes down to it, the Lipo Wrap body contouring kit is certainly offered in a unique package, in comparison to most other diet supplements that merely come in pill form. On the positive side, this product actually addresses the exterior of your body as well. However, none of the ingredients found in the Lipo Wrap kit are provided on the official website, which may be a red flag to some women. It’s wise to speak with a physician before trying something like Lipo Wrap for weight loss.

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    Can i sleep with it on over night


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    Do I have to do any kind of diet with this product?


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    They work wonderful for me.


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    U need to do a any kind of diet


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    It’s wise to speak with a physician before trying something like Lipo Wrap for weight loss.



    I can’t find anywhere to purchase the lipo wrap. Can you help me? Thank you


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    iris campbell

    dear sir, im claiming a double lipo-wrap kit today and i have applied thru pch for the program. im redeeming coupon for the kit and please send next day mail. i have applied for this and did not receive the kit. please hurry and thankyou. my weight is 250lbs. losing 100lbs. desperatley need this kit. thanks, iris campbell, 4696 lee road, cleveland, ohio,44128.


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    Hi how much ids the lipo patches


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