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Take this miracle pill and call me in the morning if you don’t lose 100 pounds overnight. Thousands of supplements manufacturers attempt to sell fat burners are miracle pills that work instantly to reduce body weight. While this may be a bit of an exaggeration, LipoBan is touted as a miracle weight loss supplement. There is only one ingredient in the supplement, but that ingredient stops fat from being digested and absorbed, amazing.

List of Ingredients

LipoSan Ultra Chitosan.

Product Features

Shellfish contains the ingredient Chitosan. The ingredient is supposed to bind to fat, making it impossible for the human body to digest and absorb fat. Clinical studies have shown promise for supplements like LipoBan that contain Chitosan. There have even been some human studies that resulted in weight loss, but the miracle drug results are not likely to occur. Most studies show measurable weight loss over an extended time frame, not huge weight loss results in just a few weeks.

LipoBan does not discuss exercise or healthy eating. As is the case with most fat binders, much of the literature leads the dieter to believe they can eat all they want and still lose weight. In theory this is true. The dieter that continues to eat the same exact diet will lose at least some weight from taking Chitosan or LipoBan. But, that does not mean a person who needs to lose 25, 35, 45 pounds or more will reach their goal weight without changing how they eat and move.

There are Florida court records associated with LipoBan. According to some reports, the product was sold through a “weight loss clinic” in conjunction with lab testing and nutritional guidance. The program was a fraud and customers spent more than $7 million on the supplement before the thief was caught. Any product associated with a $7 million scam is one dieters should stay away from.

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  • May bind to fat and help reduce weight.


  • LipoBan is no longer sold online.
  • There were at least $7 million in fraudulent sales involving LipoBan and the LipoBan Clinic.
  • Dieters will not see spectacular weight loss results.
  • The ingredients are not proven to increase metabolism or suppress appetite.
  • Dieters are not instructed to change how they eat or their exercise practices.


LipoBan is a fat binding supplement that may account for a small amount of weight loss. Just remember, Alli is an over the counter version of a prescription fat binding medication. This product only binds to about 25% of consumed fat. If the dieter were to eat 100 grams of fat per day, Alli would only bind to 25 grams or 225 calories. Even this large number will not cause extreme weight loss as claimed by LipoBan.

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    I’m using this lipoban pills, this is working I lost 85lb in 2004 I want ordered again but I can’t find number