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LipoBasics is a stimulant free weight loss product according to the website claims. The manufacturer asks the question is a “stimulant-free weight loss formula…possible?” and goes on to describe how many diet pills are more dangerous than helpful. That state we will agree with, but we also support using caffeine as part of a healthy weight loss program. If this supplement is 100% stimulant free, how will it increase metabolism?


List of Ingredients


Korean Pine Nut Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Clarinol A-80, Rich Seaweed Fucoxanthin.


Product Features


The ingredient list leaves much to be desired. Korean Pine Nut oil is supposed to work by decreasing appetite. We did find one clinical study supporting the claim of appetite suppression and pine nut oil, but the study involved dieters taking 3 grams or 3000 milligrams of the ingredient. LipoBasics only includes 1000 milligrams or 1 gram of the ingredient.


Sesame Seed Oil is commonly used to help prevent high blood pressure and relieve stress, but these benefits are not associated with weight loss. We could not find any indication that sesame seed oil would help a dieter burn more fat or reduce that number on the scale.


Clarinol A-80 is conjugated linoleic acid or CLA. It was once believed this ingredient could protect lean muscle mass during weight loss and periods of reduced protein intake to control calories. There was also a belief that CLA could increase fat burn. Since then, clinical studies have proven this claim to be false and several negative side effects, mostly gastrointestinal in nature, have arisen.


Rich Seaweed Fucoxanthin is derived from brown algae and has shown promise as a fat burner in rats. No human studies have been completed to replicate this effect in people, so dieters should not believe any fat loss claims.


So what does the dieter really get for the $59.99 price tag on LipoBasics? They receive an oil based supplement that will not increase weight loss.


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  • LipoBasics lists all ingredients on the official website.

  • $59.99 is a common price for a fat burner.




  • None of the ingredients will increase weight loss.

  • Fat burning claims are not proven clinically.

  • CLA or Clarinol A-80 may cause stomach upset and indigestion.




LipoBasics tries to sell the dieter on an all-natural, stimulant-free supplement that will work just as well as caffeine, green tea and other proven ingredients. The fact is there are no better ingredients than those proven to increase weight loss. Stimulants are at the heart of every proven supplement because the heart rate increase causes more calories to burn.


This does not mean a supplement with hundreds of milligrams of caffeine is going to work better than one with moderate amounts of caffeine.

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