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Lipoblock is an herbal supplement sold online. It is marketed as a carbohydrate blocker for the purpose of being a weight loss aid. Lipoblock is suppose to block fat that is ingested in hopes to provide weight loss without diet habits modifications.

List Of Ingredients

The makers of Lipoblock claim it has the following ingredients: Chitosan, White Kidney Bean and Gymnema Sylvestre. These are pretty common ingredients for modern diet supplements to contain due to the abilities the manufacturers claim they have. Supposedly, White Kidney Bean is an ingredient used to block carbohydrates from entering the system, and Chitosan is often alleged to be able to block the absorption of fat in to the body. Chitosan is a derivative from the shells of shrimp and other crustaceans.

Product Features

According to people who sell Lipoblock, the product absorbs, binds and then discharges carbohydrates and blocks fats. The manufacturer alleges this action will allow the product to get rid of unwanted calories to help keep the dieter moving in a positive direction toward their weight loss goals. These statements have not been verified with an independent clinical or scientific study therefore, it is unknown if the statements are actually factual.

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  • Lipoblock is suppose to absorb and bind carbohydrates and block fats. This will allow occasional deviations from rigid diet plans.
  • The makers encourage the dieter to use a healthy diet and exercise routine.
  • The product is available without a prescription.
  • Lipoblock is made from all natural ingredients.


  • Lipoblock has not undergone the scrutiny of independent clinical studies or scientific testing.
  • The company provides client testimonials but states these “results will vary” or “results not typical”.
  • People with health conditions should first seek the advice of health care professionals before beginning Lipoblock.
  • People who are pregnant or nursing cannot use Lipoblock as a dietary supplement or a weight loss aid.


Lipoblock is designed to give an extra boost to the dieters weight loss process by shielding the body from some of the fat and calories that are in the food they take in. Lipoblock supposedly keeps the body from digesting and storing fats and carbohydrates. These claims have not been supported by any clinical research or scientific studies. The United States Food and Drug Administration does not regulate or confirm the effectiveness of dietary supplements. The manufacturers of Lipoblock suggest the user take the product in conjunction with a healthy diet and an exercise routine although they are not suppose to be requirements for the product to work. Lipoblock has blended many of the most common weight loss supplement ingredients into one supplement.

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    made me feel very weak and light headed