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LipoBurn Review - Does This Spray Work? Is the lack of ingredient information a deal breaker?

Editor's Review: 3.2 / 5.0
LipoBurn Review

We love to see products that offer weight loss options in unexpected forms. Lipburn is a spray, which explains why were so excited to learn more about it. We looked at the manufacturer’s website to learn all we could about the product, and looked for consumer reviews, in order to give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

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What You Need to Know

Lipoburn has an unusual delivery method. The product is sprayed onto the areas where an individual wants to reduce fat, areas described as problem areas. The product is then massaged into the skin. The company that makes Lipoburn claims it will then melt away unwanted cellulite and fat.

The cost for the product is $35.99, which seems more than reasonable for a weight loss supplement that can be applied topically, but read on…

Questionable Endorsements

If you look at the website for Lipoburn, it appears to be filled with glowing testimonials. However, upon closer inspection it becomes clear that the testimonials are for other products. While this is perhaps an oversight, and not meant to be intentionally misleading, it does not support the claims of the product with even anecdotal evidence.

Our research editor worried that, “A company that is unable to provide ingredients or authentic customer reviews may not have the attention to detail required to make an effective product.”

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The official website for Lipoburn does not provide any of the ingredients. All they tell consumers is that the ingredients are scientifically proven.

The Science

In addition to not mentioning any of the actual ingredients that are used in the Lipoburn formula, the company also neglects to provide the studies that scientifically prove efficacy. There is absolutely no scientific proof, or even anecdotal evidence, provided by the company to indicate this product actually works as advertised.

The Bottom Line

In addition to providing no scientific support the company also does not offer a money back guarantee. While the price is reasonable, the idea that consumers should risk their money on a product that offers no proof and no guarantees seems absurd.

Companies who are confident in their product typically offer both proof and a financial security net for potential consumers. Barring either of these, we simply cannot recommend this product.

One company that has impressed us on both of these counts is Leptigen. Their supplement is made with proven ingredients that underwent rigorous scientific testing. In addition, the many reviews that are available are all about the product and indicate overall customer approval of the results.

In fact, the makers of Leptigen are so confident that their product will please consumers, they offer new customers a special trial offer. This gesture has reassured many of our readers, as well as our editorial staff.

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How Does LipoBurn Compare?

Previous LipoBurn Review (Updated September 25, 2011):

What You Should Know

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LipoBurn is a fat reduction product that is manufactured by LG Sciences. This weight loss treatment comes in the form of a spray. It is claimed to reduce cellulite, lower cortisol levels and burn away sub-cutaneous fat. LipoBurn sells via the official website for $35.99 and is stated to be suitable for both women and men. Similar to many other weight loss supplements, LipoBurn is intended to be used in conjunction with regular exercise and a "proper diet plan."

Although customer testimonials are posted on the official website, they do not apply to LipoBurn spray. This product is basically utilized by rubbing it onto the targeted areas of the body where you feel it's needed, such as fatty problem areas like the buttocks, thighs, hips and stomach. The official website actually states that LipoBurn is "not a gimmick." Although this spray is claimed to offer "scientifically proven ingredients," these components are not revealed on the official website. LipoBurn is supposed to "target stored fat" and help shed it off, especially during workouts. Like most weight reduction products, there are no free trial samples of LipoBurn currently offered via the website. A satisfaction guarantee is not posted on the website either.

List of Ingredients

Not available on the official LipoBurn website.

Product Features

LipoBurn is a rather unique fat reduction treatment that comes in the form of a spray. This product is literally sprayed on the problem areas of the user's body, and aims to "melt away unwanted fat and cellulite." Unfortunately no clinical research or product ingredients are presented on the LipoBurn website. While no potential allergies or side effects are addressed on the website, it's difficult to determine if any are possible. Although a money-back guarantee is not offered, LipoBurn does sell conveniently through the official website for $35.99.

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  • LipoBurn is available to users without a doctor's prescription.
  • This weight reduction product comes in a convenient spray form.
  • LipoBurn can easily be attained via the website for $35.99.
  • Testimonials are posted on the official website.


  • No clinical research or tests are posted on the official website.
  • A full list of ingredients for LipoBurn is not presented on the website.
  • No satisfaction guarantee is offered with LipoBurn.
  • Very little data and details for LipoBurn are actually posted on the official website.
  • The key ingredients that are supposed to make LipoBurn "melt away fat" are not revealed on the website.


In the end, LipoBurn is definitely presented in an interesting fashion. After all, there aren't too many fat reduction products that come in spray form. Therefore this is one of the few weight loss treatments that is actually applied topically, as opposed to taken orally. However, there really isn't any clinical data presented on the official website to prove its success with fat reduction. Moreover, there's not even a money-back guarantee, trial sample or success stories posted to support LipoBurn, making it one of diet aids with less manufacturer support currently available.

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    Yousif Munfaredi

    I bought the lipoburn pills.. I just wanted to know how many pills do I take and how frequent if I workout 5 times a week.. and do I just take them before workout?


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