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What You Should Know

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Lipocerin is a weight loss supplement which is produced by Nutritional Science Laboratories. The manufacturers state that Lipocerin contains nature’s best ingredients to help your body fight excess fat and lose weight. The manufacturers focus on Hoodia Gordonnii and Chromium Picolinate as two of the main active ingredients in Lipocerin. They claim that Lipocerin really helps the body fight fat, due to the metabolism boosting power of Chromium Picolanate and the appetite suppressing power of Hoodia Gordonnii.


The ingredients in Lipocerin are Hoodia Gordinnii, Chromium Picolinate, Kola nut, Gurana, Grapefruit, Chinese Ginseng, Gymnema, Chickweed, Bladderwrack, and Almond Nut.

Product Details

Lipocerin costs $59 for a month’s supply of tablets. It can be ordered online from the company’s official website. You can also take advantage of a month’s free trial of Lipocerin with an offer from the manufacturer’s website. Those that are familiar with weight loss supplements will notice that a number of the ingredients in Lipocerin are also present in other weight loss supplements. Popular active ingredients such as Gurana, Chinese Ginseng, Hoodia Gordinnii and Chromium Picolinate are now common in many weight loss supplements. Gurana and Chinese Ginseng are stimulants, so you may want to reduce your caffeine intake whilst taking Lipocerine. Chromium is needed by the body to regulate blood sugar levels, and insulin and so in turn can help as part of a weight loss regimen. In tests on animals Hoodia Gordinnii has shown appetite suppression qualities, but it is unsure whether the same effects can be duplicated in humans. The manufacturers say that the Chickweed in Lipocerin both act as mild appetite suppressants, the Bladderwrack supports thyroid function and the Almond Nut promotes weight loss.

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  • You can order Lipocerine on line.
  • There is an offer on the official website of a one month’s free trial of Lipocerine.
  • The official website is easy to navigate.


  • Lipocerine’s return policy is unclear.
  • There have been no controlled standardized tests of Lipocerine.
  • The manufacturers of this product do not provide any concrete evidence that Lipocerine does actually procure weight loss.
  • The ingredients in Lipocerine are similar to ingredients in a whole host of other weight loss products.
  • The health effects of Hoodia as an appetite suppressant are still unknown.
  • No user testimonials or before/after pictures are given.


The manufacturers seek to differentiate Lipocerine from other weight loss supplements by focusing on the inclusion of Chromium Pilocinate and Hoodia Gordonii in Lipocerine, yet at the end of the day there are many other weight loss products which include these ingredients. There is also an import ban in Australia on products which contain Hoodia Gordonii, which gives us cause for concern. We have no evidence at the moment, which would make us believe that Lipocerine achieves superior results when compared to other similar weight loss products on the market. If we found enthusiastic customer testimonials or a solid product return policy, we’d have fewer questions about Lipocerin.

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