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Lipocore manufacturers claim the product is a supplement that will allow you to lose weight gently without getting jitters or feelings of nervousness. Lipocore is available without a prescription. It contains a blend of some of the most common weight loss ingredients which includes Hoodia Gordonii. This is used by several people to help lose weight through appetite suppression. The drug supposedly works to reduce the users appetite and therefore they will eat less food. This has not been proven. The dietary supplement is easy t find and has been popular among people trying to lose weight. Lipocore dietary supplement has many other ingredients that are suppose to help boost energy and metabolism.

List Of Ingredients

Lipocore dietary supplement contains many ingredients that are suppose to help with energy and increase metabolism without causing the user to feel nervous. The ingredients are: Chromium, Caffeine, and a propriety blend of Hoodia Gordonii, Cactus powder, Magnolia bark, Glucomannon, Green tea, Theobromine, Guarana, Bitter Orange extract, Yohimbe, and Gugglesterone. Chromium is commonly found in numerous weight loss supplements because it is generally alleged to be an important mineral in helping to regulate blood sugar levels, although, it is unknown if chromium actually generates weight loss or not. Caffeine, Green tea, Theobromine, and Guarana are used due to the caffeine content of each of the ingredients. These are suppose to increase your energy without creating nervousness. Yohimbine is alleged to create weight loss. There are independent clinical studies that may support this notion.

Product Features

Lipocore manufacturers state Lipocore is effective at helping people to reach their weight loss goals. The dietary supplement has many ingredients that are believed to help people to lose weight through increased metabolism and energy, however these statements are undocumented. The supplement can be purchased without a prescription and is suppose to be formulated to avoid causing nervousness in its users. Dieters should take no more than two capsules per day according to the packaging instructions.

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  • Economical.
  • Easy to find available.
  • May not cause feelings of nervousness.


  • Lipocore contains a lot of caffeine agents.


The ingredients found in Lipocore are supposed to be formulated in a way to give the dieter an aid in losing weight by reducing appetite and stimulating the metabolism. Many of these ingredients are found in other common supplements. there have been clinical studies that may support the use of Yohimbine as a diet aid but there are no studies available to support the other claims made by Lipcore. The makers of Lipocore recommend the dieter use this product in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise routine.

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