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What You Should Know

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LipoDyne is a liquid fat burner from NiGen Biotech. The company refuses to list ingredients for any of its supplements, which is a clear indication that the formula will not work. This time around, NiGen Biotech chose to list a reference study to back up fat burning claims. We are not given the name of the study, link to its publication or source journal – so much for validity. Fat burners typically contain stimulants that increase heart rate to boost metabolism. This is the core of fat burners, so we expected stimulant ingredients, but what we found was a small, one paragraph description and nothing more.

List of Ingredients

No ingredients are listed on the official website.

Product Features

If the dieter trusted every company that made huge weight loss claims without offering real, verifiable information, there would be companies throwing together supplements from anything and everything just to make a dollar. We’d like to believe that most supplement companies actually believe their products will work to help dieters achieve weight loss goals, but that may not be the case for NiGen Biotech. LipoDyne is an amazingly packaged liquid fat burner. The red glass bottle is exotic, but anyone can see that the label is simply a picture of a red bottle with the words LipoDyne placed on the front of the picture. This is not a picture of the real product.

There are no ingredients listed, but the company does refer to a South African ingredient that burns fat. The only South African ingredient we commonly come in contact with is Hoodia and Hoodia does not burn fat.

The reference study claims people who used the active ingredient in LipoDyne lost nearly 20 pounds in 10 weeks. This is not extraordinary, but it is a lot of weight. The dieters did not change how they ate or their exercise routine. If the study is published online, we have no idea where or when.

One bottle of LipoDyne sells for $49. The customer has the option to place the order on an auto-ship program and save 20%.

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  • LipoDyne has a website that is easy to navigate.
  • Products sold by NiGen Biotech are packaged in alluring bottles.


  • No ingredients are listed for LipoDyne.
  • We have no idea where the reference study is published.


NiGen Biotech does at least one great thing – it markets pretty supplement bottles. LipoDyne is a fat burner without any ingredients. The company doesn’t bother offering verifiable information for the research study and there are no testimonials on the website. Dieters should not buy this product, or any other NiGen Biotech without a complete list of ingredients.

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