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What You Should Know

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There is no official website for Lipoffeine, but that does not mean information is scarce. Lipoffeine is a relatively unknown weight loss supplement that sells for a fraction of the cost of other fat burners. According to product descriptions found all over the web, Lipoffeine was set apart from competitors not by ingredients, but by ingredient totals. Supposedly, all ingredients were included in just the right amounts to increase weight loss. And that lower than average price, some websites report Lipoffeine on sale for $2.25 a bottle, but we could not find the supplement for sale.

List of Ingredients

Green Tea, Dicaffeine Malate, Caffeine Anhydrous, Guarana, Yerba Mate, Oolong Tea, Black Tea, White Tea, Kola Nut, Chocamine, Cha de Bugre and Black Tea.

Product Features

When a supplement does not have an official website, there is very little information available that can be verified. Lipoffeine contains some strong ingredients that are proven to increase metabolism and weight loss. The best ingredients are green tea and dicaffeine Malate. Green tea is our favorite as it works on so many levels in the body, including increasing fat burn. Dicaffeine Malate is perfect for people who are sensitive to caffeine as it’s buffered to take the edge off.

Many of the remaining ingredients such as caffeine anhydrous, Guarana, yerba mate and several teas all contain caffeine. This could mean the dieter feels a bit of a buzz throughout the day, but we have no idea how much caffeine is in the product in all. Kola nut is a diuretic, which will decrease weight, but only temporarily.

The teas in the Lipoffeine formula include oolong, black and white, in addition to green. Teas are good sources of anti-oxidants which rounds out the Lipoffeine supplement. The only reason we can figure the supplement is no longer available is the price. If Lipoffeine sold for $2.25 a bottle, dieters were spending less than the product cost to make for each bottle.

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  • Lower price compared to other fat burners.
  • Green tea is a proven weight loss aid.
  • Anti-oxidants can benefits overall health.


  • Kola nut is a diuretic.
  • The product is no longer available.


There is a good chance Lipoffeine boosted weight loss, but the product is no longer available for sale online. Reports of the manufacturer selling Lipoffeine for $2.25 a bottle could mean the company ran out of money and folded. There are several stimulants in Lipoffeine so we would shy away from promoting the supplement as one of the better choices. While we like green tea and caffeine, using more stimulants does not increase weight loss effect. Lipoffeine may have missed the mark on pricing, but they were close on formula.

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