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What You Should Know

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Lipoflame is marketed as a dietary supplement that can help people to lose weight. It is recommended to be used in conjunction with other supplements as part of a stack program for body builders. It is unknown if Lipoflame is effective when used as a component in the stack or if it is effective when used alone. There are many ingredients included in the supplement that are common in other dietary aids, some of them are fat burning agents.

List Of Ingredients

Lipoflame’s ingredient list is similar to other products used to help in the reduction of weight. These include supposed fat burning agents and amino acids. The agents that are suppose to promote fat burning are evodiamine and caffeine. The amino acid ingredients are tyrosine and arginine. Evodiamine and caffeine are both alleged to augment the body’s ability to use fat efficiently. Caffeine is also used for its stimulant properties, therefore nervousness may occur. Of course, this Lipoflame is a substance that should not be used by women who are pregnant, lactating, or people using some pharmaceuticals. Tyrosine is alleged by some to act as a mood enhancer and as an appetite suppressor. However, there is no evidence to support that tyrosine can control hunger. Arginine and other amino acids are often included in bodybuilding products due to theories of their potential to increase muscle growth.

Product Features

The Lipoflame product is marketed more to body builders than to the typical dieter. It is recommended by the manufacturers to be used as one component in a 3 component stack. There is debate about whether Lipoflame can help the typical dieter lose weight on it’s on because dieters daily routines and physical fitness needs are much different from the body builders. Dieters typically just need a safe way to improve their fat burning process and appetite suppression to decrease caloric intake.

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  • May be effective when used with other supplements for body builders.
  • Economical pricing.


  • Contains stimulants which may cause nervousness in some people.
  • There are no scientific studies to support the claims.
  • May only be effective when used with other supplements.


Lipoflame is manufactured primarily for the body building industry. It is generally used in conjunction with two other supplements. Body builders may see results from the supplements due to the athletes intense workout. Lipoflame is suppose to have a fat burning agent and an appetite suppressant but these claims have not been verified by any outside agency nor has any clinical trials taken place. It appears a healthy diet and exercise program are key components to the ability Lipoflame will have.

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