Lipofuze PM Review

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What You Should Know

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If you have yet to discover the right weight loss formula, rest assured it is still out there. Keep in mind that new diet products come with each new year as well. This brings us to Lipofuze PM, which is a new formula in the Lipofuze lineup. There are three other products in this line, which include Lipofuze, Lipofuze X-Treme, and Lipofuze 72 Hour Detox. They are all claimed to assist with weight management. As for Lipofuze PM, it sells directly through the official website for $99.99, but is on sale for $29.95 (a one-month supply) at the time of this review.


  • Irvingia Gabonensis (African Mango)
  • Chromax
  • Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract
  • Melatonin

Product Features

Lipofuze PM is a weight loss capsule that endeavors to eliminate any random food cravings you have at night. It also aims to burn off fat while you sleep, and assist you with getting a good night’s sleep. If you take a look at the official website, you will notice that a helpful FAQ section is provided, but no user testimonials or reviews are presented at all. Contact information is found on the website, and so is a 90-day money-back guarantee. This weight loss formula is touted as caffeine-free and all natural.

Four ingredients are mentioned for Lipofuze PM capsules. The first is Irvingia Gabonensis, which is African Mango. It is used in this diet pill to potentially accelerate fat burning while you slumber. Chromax is incorporated to help stabilize blood sugar levels, and may help prevent cravings. Decaffeinated Green Tea is also found in this supplement, and is included to encourage fat burning. The final ingredient is Melatonin, which is a natural sleep aid. It helps you relax, and may improve your overall rest.

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  • There is a 90-day money-back guarantee found on the website.
  • This weight loss pill only contains natural ingredients.
  • Lipofuze PM contains melatonin to help you sleep.


  • No customer success stories are posted on the company website.
  • There are diet pills available with more promising ingredients.
  • Certain ingredients used in Lipofuze PM may cause allergic reactions in some users.
  • No proven appetite suppressants are used in this diet product.


All in all, Lipofuze PM does not sound so promising. First of all, Decaffeinated Green Tea will unlikely help with fat burning at all, since the caffeine is gone. Secondly, there are no success stories or before and after photos posted on the official website. While it is nice to see that Lipofuze PM is sold with a money-back guarantee, you should consider other diet products that contain proven ingredients for fat burning while you are awake and sleeping.

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