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What You Should Know

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Lipolyze is marketed as a dietary supplement that is suppose to help people lose excess weight. The manufacture states the formula is stimulant free and claims it helps the user to maintain lean muscle mass while dieting. Lipolyze may have been intended to work as a caloric wasting supplement. It is manufactured by Species Nutrition who claims it is an effective way to burn fat and get the body energized. Purportedly, Lipolyze increases the body’s rate of metabolism and use catabolic (muscle wasting) hormones.

List Of Ingredients

Lipolyze contains several ingredients: Usnic Acid 12mg is typically used to increase the body temperature to burn more calories, Green Tea Extract 300 mg is supposed to be a natural form of caffeine that is also high in anti-oxidants, Guggulsterones Z & E 10 mg is often used to support thyroid function, C-Amp 2 will supposedly increase levels of the thyroid hormone, Propionyl L-Carnitine 500 mg allegedly helps to combat muscle fatigue, Vitamin E 20 IU is a fat soluble vitamin and its anti-oxidant properties are suppose to neutralize free radicals..

Product Features

The Lipolyze product is marketed most directly to people who are body builders. The main active ingredient in Lipolyze is Usnic Acid. Usnic Acid is used in the medical field as an antibiotic and as a weight reducer. There is no evidence to prove its effectiveness in aiding anyone to lose weight. It has been proven that Lipolyze can damage the liver. The manufacturer suggest taking a different supplement offered by the company at night to help the user calm down.

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  • Lipolyze includes ingredients that are supposed to be fat burners and antioxidants .
  • All-natural ingredients.


  • No studies to support the company claims.
  • The ingredients may not be included at a high enough dosage to affect weight.
  • There are no studies to indicate the safety of wasting supplements.
  • The company does not offer a money back guarantee.


Lipolyze contains ingredients that may be beneficial to people who are body builders. The average dieter may have a hard time trying to adjust the dosage to meet their needs. There are no scientific studies to support any of the claims made by Lipolyze producers. There are studies on some of the individual ingredients but this is different from having a study done on Lipolyze’s specific blend and dosing of ingredients. There may be safety issues associated with using a wasting type supplement, such as Lipolyze. The effectiveness of Lipolyze cannot be determined without independent studies. Lipolyze does not offer a money back guarantee in you are not satisfied with the products performance.

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