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LipoMatrix is suppose to be a dietary supplement that can aid in weight reduction for the user. There are ingredients in LipoMatrix that are amino acid 4-hydoxisoleucine, such as Fenugreek, that are supposed to be able to lower blood sugar levels. Chitosan is also an ingredient that claims to be able to block fat. LipoMatrix makers warn people that are allergic to shell fish against taking LipoMatrix supplements because of the Chitosan content. Chitosan is a derivative of shell fish and shrimps. The manufacturer of LipoMatrix does offer a money back guarantee for six weeks for anyone who is not satisfied with the results of the diet supplement. LipoMatrix is formulated to work for men and women who need help losing weight. Users are not required to change their dietary habits and no exercise routine is recommended.

List Of Ingredients

LipoMatrix has only a few ingredients in its blend: Fenugreek Extract, Vitamin E, Wheat Bran Powder, Vitamin D3, Chitosan, Vitamin K and Vitamin A.

Product Features

LipoMatrix claims to be an aid for people who want help losing excess weight. The product claims it can block fat from being stored in the body and lower blood sugar levels at the same time. LipoMatrix appears to rely on Chitosan and Fenugreek to provide the promised results. There are not clinical studies to indicate the effectiveness of LipoMatrix or its ability to deliver on the promised results.

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  • LipoMatrix offers customers a complete money back guarantee.
  • LipoMatrix is available without a prescription.
  • LipoMatrix can be purchased online.


  • No clinical studies to support the claims made by LipoMatrix.
  • People allergic to shell fish cannot take LipoMatrix due to the Chitosan content.
  • LipoMatrix does not offer samples at this time.
  • Some people may have allergic reactions when taking LipoMatrix.
  • LipoMatrix does not make recommendations for a healthy diet or exercise routine to use in conjunction with the diet supplement.


LipoMatrix claims to help people lose weight through its key ingredients of Chitosan and Fenugreek. These ingredients are suppose to help block fat absorption and lower blood sugar levels. The diet supplement has offered no clinical studies to indicate the effectiveness or the ability for LipoMatrix to deliver on the claims made by the manufacturer. The supplement maker does not offer any guidance on the selection of a healthy diet or exercise routine. Due to the Chitosan ingredient and the prevalence of shell fish allergies, people may want to seek the approval of their doctor before beginning a program that includes LipoMatrix. However, LipoMatrix is available without a prescription.

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    I like LipoMatrix a lot better than MiracleBurn and many others I have tried. It must lower my blood sugar very gently because it staves off hunger all day and leaves me alert but not jittery. I take it along with my daily vitamins, so it is a pretty heavy hit of A, E and D3. I’ve lost about 20 lbs after 6 months…no exercise (bad hip), so I am especially grateful.