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Lipomax is a weight reduction product that comes in the form of a “topical fat-reducing gel.” This product is manufactured by TNT Technologies (Total Nutrition Technologies), but appears to be discontinued at this time. Unlike many other weight loss pills and capsules, Lipomax gel was directed to be applied to “problem areas.” Supposedly this topical treatment pulled fat out of the skin. Unfortunately there are no customer testimonials offered at this time, since the official website no longer appears to be up and running.

The key active components found in Lipomax gel are Yohimbine (stimulant), Caffeine (promotes something called thermogenesis to reduce fat) and Coleus Forskoline (boosts fat burning and affects cells that are linked to the user’s metabolism). All of these are ingredients that can commonly be found in many oral dietary supplements as well. Since the official website doesn’t appear to exist at this point, there is no real clinical evidence offered to support the overall effectiveness of Lipomax topical gel. No free trial samples of Lipomax are offered and this fat-reduction treatment may produce some side effects such as jitteriness. Originally the cost of Lipomax gel was $55.95, however, this product was not offered with a 100% money-back/satisfaction guarantee.

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Not available on the official website.

Product Features

Lipomax gel is a topical treatment that aims to assist with fat reduction. This product was marketed toward both men and women, but doesn’t appear to be sold any longer. Lipomax was directed to be applied daily to problem areas in order to potentially minimize body fat. This treatment contains primary ingredients such as Yohimbine (stimulant), Caffeine (promotes something called thermogenesis to reduce fat) and Coleus Forskoline (boosts fat burning and affects cells that are linked to the user’s metabolism by activating cAMP within the body). There is no real clinical data offered on Lipomax gel and the official website is no longer available. Lipomax gel originally sold for $55.95 for a 4-ounce bottle.

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  • Lipomax came in a unique topical gel form.
  • Using Lipomax gel didn’t involve a drastic lifestyle change, which some dieters would appreciate.


  • The official website for Lipomax gel is no longer up and running.
  • Lipomax gel contained stimulants like caffeine that are known for drawing water off the muscles and potentially leading to jitteriness.
  • There are no customer testimonials offered for Lipomax gel on an official website.
  • There wasn’t a 100% money-back guarantee offered with Lipomax gel.
  • Lipomax gel has apparently been discontinued.
  • There is no real clinical proof to support the claimed effectiveness of Lipomax gel.
  • A full product ingredient list is not provided for Lipomax gel on an official website.
  • Some ingredients found in Lipomax gel may not be suitable for some individuals.


Overall, Lipomax gel is presented in an interesting fashion. In the diet supplement world, topical gels aren’t quite as common as pills and capsules. However, the mere notion that this weight reduction gel has been discontinued and the website is no longer functional will be a red flag for many individuals. Considering that there is no actual clinical research to support Lipomax gel, nor are there any customer testimonials or a full product ingredient list, it’s certainly prudent to check out other dietary supplements and products before selecting one like Lipomax gel. The only reason we have looked it here is because some vendors still sell this cream online, and some users are still looking for it.

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    guy nacchio

    I recently purchased shred 360 that has 110 milligrams of liomax what can you tell me about it did I waste my money


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