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What You Should Know

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The right diet product can help you reach your weight loss goals, and keep that excess body fat at bay. Now, the trick is finding that diet product. This can unfortunately take some time and research. You must keep in mind that hundreds of weight loss products are available at this point. In other words, there are plenty of capsules and tablets to consider. One of them is Liponutra, which is manufactured by Health Direct Labs LLC. This dietary supplement is available through the company website for $49.95, plus shipping and handling.


  • Resveratrol
  • Acai Berry Extract
  • African Mango Extract
  • Green Tea Extract

Product Features

Liponutra is advertised as an advanced fat burner. This product is claimed to help you lose weight, increase your energy levels, fight damaging free radicals, and reduce signs of aging. There is one customer testimonial posted on the official website for Liponutra. As for a guarantee, there is one mentioned, but it is not elaborated on. There is no complete ingredient list posted on the company website either.

As for the ingredients used in Liponutra pills, only four of them are mentioned. These are Green Tea Extract, Resveratrol, Acai Berry Extract, and African Mango Extract. Green Tea is a commonly used diet pill ingredient, since it helps boost the metabolism and fight free radical damage. African Mango Extract is also used in many contemporary diet products, and is claimed to aid with weight reduction. As for Acai Berry Extract, this natural fruit ingredient offers fiber, antioxidants and vitamins to promote overall health. Resveratrol is incorporated to encourage anti-aging, and may help with heart health as well. As for the other five ingredients used in Liponutra, they are not revealed.

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  • Some type of guarantee is mentioned with this weight loss supplement (it is unclear).
  • Liponutra contains fruit extracts and antioxidants.


  • There is no complete ingredient list provided for Liponutra.
  • This diet pill may contain hidden ingredients that cause side effects.
  • Only one customer testimonial was found to support this supplement.
  • The cost of Liponutra is $49.95, plus shipping and handling fees.
  • This company uses an auto-ship program that automatically charges you each month for a new bottle.


One major concern we have regarding this diet pill is the lack of information provided on the company website. After all, there are five ingredients that are not revealed at all. This is concerning, and it is enough reason to not choose Liponutra for healthy weight management. Naturally you do not want a diet pill that is dangerous. Then there is the price of this weight loss supplement, as well as the auto-ship program that is used. These factors alone are enough to deter some dieters.

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