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Liporex is a weight loss supplement manufactured by Selmedica Healthcare. They tell us that Liporex is an all-natural product that will increase the levels of Leptin in your body, which will then result in weight loss. Leptin is a protein hormone that claims to turn fat storing cells into fat burning cells. Those who market and sell Liporex tell us that it will help the individual who takes it to reach their desired weight, as well as to stop food cravings and allow them to achieve normal levels of Leptin in the body.


The ingredients in Liporex consist of Black Cohosh, Ginger, Yerba Mate, Fenugreek, Celery Seed, Chromium Polnicotinate, Astragalus,Japanese Angelica, Chinese Red Ginger Root, Cayenne Fruit, Echinacea, Fo Ti Root, Golden Seal Root, Guarana.

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We are told by the manufacturers of Liporex that it works by boosting the metabolism by raising Leptin levels and correcting the symptoms of a low thyroid. They tell us that research has shown that those who have low levels of Leptin in the body have problems losing weight. There does not seem to be an official website for Liporex, but it can be ordered online at a price of $74.95 for a bottle of ninety capsules. Those selling Liporex say that you should take three capsules per day. Black Cohosh, which is present in Liporex, is often taken by women going through menopause since it is a hormone regulator. Yerba Mate, which is also present in Liporex, was traditionally drunk by native Indians in Argentina, and has stimulant qualities. Guarana seed is a metabolic stimulant.

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  • Liporex can be ordered from online stores.
  • There are testimonials for Liporex available on the web.
  • There is a comprehensive ingredient list available for Liporex.


  • Liporex seems to be suitable for those who have low leptin and low thyroid levels in the body, yet not everyone’s weight problems are due to low levels of these hormones.
  • When dramatically altering the thyroid function, it’s important to consult a doctor first.
  • There have been no controlled, standardized tests carried out regarding Liporex that we could discover.
  • There does not appear to be a free trial sample of Liporex available from the manufacturer.


The manufactures of this product seem to be of the opinion that everyone who has weight problems suffers from low thyroid and low leptin levels in the body. However this assertion simply is not true; it is well known that the reason for weight gain differs from person to person. Even if someone is suffering from low thyroid levels this should be dealt with by a family physician first. Liporex may well procure weight loss in some individuals, but we do not have any evidence that it will produce superior results compared to other weight loss supplements on the market.

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