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What You Should Know

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LipoRid PM is marketed as a weight loss supplement that is supposed to help you lose weight while you sleep. The maker advertises the product as an aid that will help people who have gained weight due to lack of sufficient sleep. The maker also claims that people can lose weight by gaining more sleep. Gymnema Sylvestre appears to be the key ingredient in LipoRid PM. They claim the ingredient will help to regulate blood sugar levels. This claim has not been verified by clinical evidence, however LipoRid PM touts this as the blood sugar lowering agent of its formula.

List Of Ingredients

Gymnema sylvestre is a vine that grows in India. The herb may lower the amount of sugar absorbed by the stomach, but this has not been proven. Guggulipid is a resin from the mukul mirth tree. It has historically been touted as a cholesterol lowering agent, but has been found to not aid in the lowering of cholesterol. No clinical studies support this as a weight loss herb. L-Carnitine is releases the energy found in fat but it has not been proven to aid in weight loss claims.

Product Features

LipoRid PM claims the ingredients will work while the dieter sleeps and that more sleep will help the user lose more weight. This may be unrealistic for people who live active lifestyles. There are recommendations about including a healthy diet into the regimen nor is an exercise program recommended. These have traditionally been accepted as key in any proven weight loss program. The key ingredients in LipoRid PM have not undergone clinical studies to prove their effectiveness and ability to deliver on their promises. The product does not claim to have any ingredients to burn fat or increase energy or metabolism.

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  • LipoRid PM is economical.
  • LipoRid PM offers a 30-day money back guarantee.


  • LipoRid PM offers no information that has been proven.
  • The ingredient description in LipoRid PM are vague.
  • LipoRid PM requires the dieter to sleep at least 9 hours a day.


LipoRid PM may not be a realistic program for people who live active lifestyles and who cannot get the recommended 9 hours of sleep into their schedule. LipoRid PM is not a traditional weight loss supplement and no claims are made that the supplement will increase energy or burn fat. The product claims that people who do not get adequate amounts of sleep gain weight and by sleeping more they can lose weight. There are no scientific or clinical studies to support the claims made by LipoRid PM. The ingredients have not been proven to help anyone lose weight. However, they do offer a 30 day money back guarantee for anyone who wishes to try the product.

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