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There are many different approaches to weight loss. Some diet aids work to suppress appetite, some increase metabolism, and some claim to break down fat in other ways. Liposeduction 2250 works on suppressing appetite by making you feel full. The product is based on chitosan, a natural non-soluble fiber that claims to be able to attract 96-99 times its weight in oils and fats, which it sends through your body unabsorbed.

Liposeduction 2250 claims to help you lose weight even when you are “cheating”. In general, we are not fans of products that claim to be a magic bullet without any dietary improvement on the part of the user. We perhaps would have been more impressed with Liposeduction 2250 had they provided more concrete information on their website. The company makes reference to clinical studies on some of the ingredients in the product, but does not provide enough detail for the consumer to assess their validity.

Liposeduction 2250 can be purchased directly from the company’s website for around $15 a bottle, but nowhere does there appear to be a mention of how many pills are in the bottle. The instructions say to take 3-6 pills before a meal that has a high fat content. Therefore, users may go through a bottle quickly as they could be using upwards of 18 pills per day. We find that most consumers do not want to take large quantities of supplements or weight loss pills.


According to the Liposeduction 2250 website, its ingredients are: chitosan, phaseolus vulgaris, glucomannan, magnesium stearate, and gelatin.

Product Features

Liposeduction 2250 works to block the absorption of both fats and carbohydrates. The product relies on chitosan, extracted from the shells of shrimp. Chitosan has been found useful for many purposes including blood clotting and fining wines. However, its usefulness as a “fat attractor” in diet aids is questionable and a recent study declared that it may reduce as little as ten calories a day. One known concern about chitosan is that it can strip away essential minerals in the body.

Liposeducton 2250 claims that glucomannan is the most powerful appetite suppressant available. Glucomannan is a water-soluble fiber that forms a gel-like mass in the stomach when saturated with water. There is some clinical support to suggest that this may increase feelings of satiety and thereby prevent over eating.

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  • May contain ingredients that may help suppress appetite.
  • Money-back guarantee offered.


  • Does not work directly on reducing stored fat.
  • Does not produce a thermogenic response in the body to increase metabolism.
  • May have to take up to 18 pills per day to get desired results.


While Liposeduction 2250 may work to help users feel full, we feel that the best weight loss aids do far more to actively increase metabolism and burn fat. Results are likely to be very slow with this product and users may become frustrated in the early stages. Fortunately, there are weight loss aids on the market today which have been thoroughly clinically-tested to produce dramatic and long-lasting results. Consumers may wish to research some of these products before settling on Liposeduction 2250.

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    I have been taking these pills for a few weeks, I was also eating quite a few bagels. I ended up with a nasty rash that covered my body and my face was totally swollen. I has stopped the pills because I was taking other pills for my symtoms, the rash got worse. So I knew it was the intake from the raisan cinnomen wheat bagels. Thank goodness, I dont havea allergic reaction to seafood, SO as soon as I am off the meds, I will return back to my liposeduction, it really was curbing my appetite.