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Liposinol is a dietary supplement that touts fibers as the most effective way to lose weight. The supplement is made up of a plant based extract from a cactus. Some scientist believe this extract is the answer to ending obesity but no conclusive results have been delivered. Liposinol is made out of lots of fiber which the manufacturer claims will bind almost one-third of the dietary fat in the body. This is supposed to keep the high glycemic foods from producing high amounts of insulin that helps to increase weight gain. Liposinol is suppose to be taken right after food.

List Of Ingredients

Liposinol contains one key active ingredient which is called by various names such as: prickly pear, opuntia, and nopales. The designers of Liposinol claim prickly pear binds to dietary fat and reduces the absorption of glucose. There are some clinical studies that indicate prickly pear might help people who have diabetes maintain glucose control, the test do not indicate a correlation between prickly pear consumption and weight loss.

Product Features

Liposinol contains a lot of fiber that has been proven to reduce dietary sugar and keep insulin levels in check. However, as the ingredients relate to weight loss is inconclusive at best. Liposinol does not contain any ingredients that would help increase the metabolic rate or any ingredient that would be considered a fat burner. There will likely be no dramatic results seen with the product. A healthy diet and exercise program will be central to finding any benefit with Liposinol.

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  • Liposinol contains a lot of fiber from organic plants.
  • Clinical studies on Liposinol indicate it is a good dietary supplement.


  • Liposinol contains no ingredients to suggest it would help with fat burning or increasing the body metabolic rate.
  • Does not contain an effective appetite suppressant.


Liposinol may be beneficial to people who struggle to keep their blood glucose levels under control. The fiber is from all organic plants. The high fiber content in the product helps to make it a valid dietary supplement when used for nutritional purposes. However, choosing Liposinol for a weight loss aid may not be beneficial. The product does not contain ingredients that would help with the fat burning process nor does it include an effective appetite suppressant or energy booster. People who choose to use Liposinol as a weight loss aid are instructed to consider is as only nutritional in value and to develop a healthy eating routine and an effective exercise program. These factors will be required for the consumer to produce any weight loss results while taking this over the counter, all natural supplement.

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