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Liposom with Green Tea is marketed as a weight loss supplement that will also help the dieter sleep. The makers of Liposom with Green Tea advertise the supplements ability to increase metabolism all day even while the dieter rests. The company claims the formula works for people who may have gained weight due to the lack of sleep. They claim there is a correlation between a good night’s rest and healthy weight maintenance. The company also claims the product will help enhance the fat burning process. The Liposom with Green Tea is suppose to increase the users fat burning potential reduce appetite, improve sleep and reduce weight and inflammation. These results have not been verified by any independent scientific study.

List Of Ingredients

Liposom with Green Tea does not provide a complete list of ingredients but the main components of the supplement are known: Green Tea Extract, Gymnema Leaf, Yerba Mate, Guarana Seed, and Nopal Cactus.

Product Features

Liposom with Green Tea is suppose to help the dieter lose weight as they sleep. The product is marketed based the idea that sleeping time is the best time to lose weight. The body is suppose to produce collagen at this time of deep sleep and the makers of Liposom with Green Tea claim this is important for fat burning. The supplement is suppose to help you lose weight through appetite control and fat burning as well as increased energy levels. The company does offer a free trail to encourage dieters to try the product. The full price of the product will be charged to you if you have not cancelled within 14 days of receiving the trial offer. Additionally, when you order the trial you are automatically signed up for to receive and be billed for a monthly supply of Liposom with Green Tea. This will go into effect if you do not cancel within the 14 day grace period.

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  • Liposom Green Tea offers a 14 day trial period.
  • The company claims to help lose weight while you sleep.
  • May increase metabolism and energy.


  • Liposom Green Tea does not have clinical studies to support its claims.
  • Automatic shipments may be hard to cancel.
  • Includes a stimulant which may cause nervousness.


Liposom with Green Tea is supposed to help you lose weight through its use of Green Tea Extract and Guarana. These are commonly used to aid in fat and calorie burning. The supplement is suppose to encourage a good night’s sleep which the company claims will help reduce weight. The supplement also contains an appetite suppressant which, if it works, will help cut down on the number of calories ingested. There are no clinical studies to support the companies claims.There is a 14 day trial period before they charge your credit card the full purchase price.

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    what is the sideffects of greentea?