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There is nothing better than finding the perfect, proven weight loss supplement to help you achieve those weight loss goals. Liposom is not that weight loss supplement. The product offers more marketing push than clinical support and the ingredient list is laden with stimulant ingredients. Dieters need to understand the power of stimulants before choosing a weight loss supplement based on marketing claims. Just because there are a ton of pictures showing thin men and women does not mean the supplement is effective.

List of Ingredients

Green Tea, Gymnema Leaf, Yerba Mate Leaf, Guarana Seed and Nopal Cactus.

Product Features

Green tea is the best ingredient in Liposom. There are tons of clinical studies that support healthy benefits of taking green tea. The active ingredient EGCG is hugely responsible for boosting metabolism. We are not given total EGCG concentration or the total mg of green tea included in the supplement.

Gymnema Leaf may have some effect on how sugar or simple carbohydrates taste. Dieters may think this is just what they need to stop eating chocolate, but sugar is not the only ingredient in unhealthy foods. A muffin can be made with white flour and sweetener and still contain 500 or more calories. Gymnema leaf does not stop the dieter from eating foods with other high-calorie ingredients.

Yerba mate leaf and Guarana seed are stimulants. These ingredients, while commonly found in weight loss supplements, are not proven to boost metabolism. At most, the dieter will feel increased heart rate and could exhibit the signs of hypertension (high blood pressure). If the dieter is sensitive to caffeine, these stimulants could cause negative side effects like jitters, shakes and nausea.

Nopal cactus is not a bad ingredient, but Liposom does not bother supporting claims with verifiable research. The cactus may help control blood glucose reaction, so hunger may not feel so intense after eating carbohydrates. Chromium is a proven ingredient that has the same effect.

Liposom sells for $80 per bottle. The website does not offer refunds.

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  • Ingredients are accessed easily from the product website.
  • Green tea is backed with strong clinical support for weight loss.


  • Most ingredients are not proven to increase weight loss.
  • No refunds available.
  • No free trial.
  • Liposom does not support weight loss claims with research.


If a dieter has $80 to spend on a supplement, Liposom is not the best choice. There is one proven ingredient, but the dieter has no idea how much green tea is included in the formula. The stimulants will increase heart rate, but they are not clinically tested for use in humans for this purpose. Dieters should look for companies offering clinical research and support.

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    Your Name

    Total rip off same as the green coffee maxx as I was charged around £150 from my bank account these people should never get away with this RUBBISH :(


  • 2

    this is a conn, it doesnt work and after a month once they have your bank details they take £150 out for another bottle, stay clear


  • 3
    Fred moss

    Is it ok to take liposom whilst I’m taking,atenolol , simvastatin, and aspirin


  • 4

    If one googles Avesil, one might find interesting comments about it.


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