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Liposonix is marketed as an effective cellulite reducing treatment. This is reportedly a nonsurgical procedure and is also supposed to be noninvasive as well. The Liposonix device is currently undergoing clinical trials and is not approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration. The Liposonix procedure is available for anyone who is willing to travel to the United Kingdom. The company expects to received FDA approval and begin offering Liposonix treatments in the US in 2011. Liposonix is claimed to be a sculpting treatment for targeted body parts that contain unwanted fat. Areas of primary concern are the sides of the body, hips and thighs and stomach region.

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Product Features

The Liposonix device is suppose to work through the use of ultrasound technology. The device purportedly breaks up fat that is located under the skin and allows it to excrete out of the body naturally. The procedure is reportedly noninvasive and does not require surgery or incisions. The clients are suppose to be able to return to their regular routines and activities immediately after the procedure. The Liposonix treatment centers claim the procedure does not cause any pain and does not require a recovery time. The promoters of the device claim it will resculpt the body with better results than liposuction. Liposonix is suppose to decrease inches and get rid of problem areas as well as firm and reduce the appearance of cellulite. These claims have not been confirmed by the FDA.

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  • LipoSonix is suppose to be noninvasive.
  • Reportedly more successful than liposuction.
  • Will be approved by FDA before it is available in the US.
  • Undergoing clinical trials.


  • LipoSonix is expensive at an estimated $3,000 per treatment.
  • Multiple treatments may be necessary for people to achieve the desired results.
  • Liposonix is not offered in the United States and may not be available until 2011.


Liposonix is not approved by the FDA at this time but they are undergoing clinical trials. The company expects to receive FDA approval in 2011 and will begin offering the treatment in the US. The Liposonix treatment is suppose to work by attacking fat cells with high-intensity non-invasive focused ultrasound. These methods have not been scientifically proven to work conclusively. The treatment is expected to cost US consumers around $3,000 if the same pricing structure available in the UK is also utilized in the United States. Multiple different treatmetn sessions may be required in order to achieve the clients desired results. There are limited testimonies available about the procedure since it has not been available in the US. The long term effectiveness of these procedures is unknown.

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  • 1

    I had it done in New Orleans, and it was a waste of time and money. Have not seen any results in the stomach area. Did see result on the love handle a year after the treatment. The only problem I’m having is that I can’t eat nothing to heavy on the stomach. When I do it runs me to the bathroom and I have never experience this problem before the treatment.


  • 2
    suzie q

    yes. I have incision scar from breastbone to pelvic. after going across my stomach, large long rope developed
    which employee said i had a stomach tumor.this occurred with only 1 treatment, plus i gained 3 inches inlieu of losing. also, had mesh across stomach from a previous hernia surgery and i think it must have melted the mesh with one treatment. ithus i gained the 3″


  • 3

    At the consultation the doctor said that I was an excellent candidate. I guess that meant that I could pay him. I have a high pain tolerance. Natural childbirth, never freezing at the dentist. This was absolute torture! I don’t know how I made it through except that I’d paid so much money. I was shivering for 15 minutes afterwards because it was so shocking. 12 months later. I haven’t gained a pound, but there is not a millimeter of difference. I notice absolutely nothing! My back however has lost an extreme amount of bone mass. Side effect not mentioned? BEWARE!!!



    I too had terrible pain and have multiple other non-cosmetic surgeries that were less painful than this. I also have tender areas still in my abdomen which also feel “ropey”. Did you have this problem? CAn’t seem to find anyone else who experienced this. Thanks.


  • 4

    I’ve heard the heart problem concern, not actual cases, this thing is too new. I wouldn’t trust it for a while.


  • 5

    I just wanted to clarify I haven’t heard it actually causes heart disease, just that I’ve talked to people who concerns over technology like this. Basically, wait 10 years before touching this stuff. “Eventually we MAY learn” would have been better wording.


  • 6

    This device is garbage. Eventually we’ll all learn about the associated heart problems IT CAUSES


  • 7
    Dr. Geoffrey Klaffka

    What professions will be able to utilize this equipment. I am a chiropractor in NYS. What kind of training is needed and where. Price info and any other additional info you can tell me.
    Geoffrey Klaffka D.C


    Dr. Christian Middelthon

    If you find an answer to this question, I would appreciate if you inform me too. My name is Christian Middelthon and I am a Chiropractor in LA. I focus on Weight loss and many of my patient would appreciate a less invasive way of sculpting those last inches.


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