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Lipostat is marketed as a cholesterol reducing medication that is also marketed under the name of Pravastatin. The medication also has a second blend which is said to work as a fat burner which makes it appealing to dieters wanting to lose excess weight. The Lipostat medication is available from different pharmaceutical providers. There are many cholesterol lowering medications on the market that compete with and tend to overshadow Lipostat.

List Of Ingredients

The Lipostat ingredients can be confusing as there are different blends available. The most common is comprised of Alkaloid herbs (to replace ephedra), Caffeine, and Acetylsalicylic Acid. Ephedra is replaced in many medications and supplements due to the ban once placed on it by the US FDA. The caffeine content in Lipostat is 200 mg or the equivalent of 2+ cups of coffee. Acetylsalicylic Acid is the active compound in White Willow Bark. This is often referred to as nature’s aspirin. The makers tout these ingredients as having the ability to produce significant weight loss results and provide the example of: 9.2 pounds in six weeks on average.

The cholesterol blend of Lipostat has Pravastatin as its key ingredient. This is thought to reduce the LDL cholesterol produced by the liver.

Product Features

The medication that claims to reduce cholesterol runs off of Pravastatin. The ingredient is suppose to reduce the LDL or bad cholesterol produced in the liver through the blocking of a liver enzyme known as HMG-CoA reductase. Cholesterol reducing drugs are available only by prescriptions and are monitored by a medical professional. The alternative blend of Lipostat is considered a natural supplement and does not have to be prescribed however, it is recommended for the user to take the supplement only under the supervision and recommendation of a medical doctor. The claims made by the natural supplement have not been supported conclusively by clinical studies. But both forms of Lipostat can have dramatic positive or negative effects on the body.

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  • The cholesterol lowering Lipostat is available by prescription only.
  • There are clinical studies to support the pharmaceutical Lipostat.


  • The weight loss abilities of Lipostat are not well defined in any clinical studies.
  • Lipostat may be hard to find without a prescription.


People who choose to use Lipostat as a weight loss supplement or as a cholesterol lowering medication should seek the advice of a medical professional before beginning the regimen. The pharmaceutical is available by prescription only and is only for people who have high levels of bad cholesterol. Lipostat’s weight loss claims have not been supported by clinical studies and the medical professional always recognizes a healthy diet and exercise as the best way to control weight.

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