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Liposvelt is a weight loss supplement that is no longer sold online or offline as far as we can tell. The last consumer report was filed in 2006 about this product so we assume the manufacturer of the product has since closed the doors. At the heart of the supplement is orthosiphon, an ingredient that is supposed to promote tons of healthy weight loss in a short amount of time. The consumer complaints about the product are simple – they received a mailing promoting the product and ordered Liposvelt. No product was ever received, but the credit card was charged for the order.

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Before looking into the claims of fraud, we wanted to tackle the supplement and potential weight loss effects. There is only one ingredient in Liposvelt, orthosiphon. Orthosiphon is a leafy plant that is often brewed into tea or consumed in capsule form. The effect on the body is diuretic based. The leaf pushes water out of the body thus lowering total body weight. If the dieter were to stop using the supplement, the weight would return as no real weight (fat) has been lost.

There is a possibility that some dieters may have trouble with water retention, but diuretics do not solve that problem; rather the effect of the problem is treated for a brief period but the cause must be found and treated or the fluid retention will return.

Diuretics are linked to health problems when taken over a long time. If this is the only ingredient in Liposvelt, the potential effects could be electrolyte imbalance and potentially death if dehydration occurred. Potassium is also depleted when diuretics are taken and lack of potassium is associated with a long list of health problems.

As for the claims of fraud. Liposvelt was associated with Zenith Direct Response. Zenith Direct was established in 2001 by Zenith Media. Zenith Media still exists under a different name: Zenith Optimedia and Zenith Direct Services is still in business as well, but there is no link between Zenith Direct and Liposvelt on the official website for the marketing company.

According to the consumer complaint filed about the product, the cost was $92.00 per bottle plus shipping and handling.

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  • None.


  • Diuretics are not a weight loss solution.
  • Paying $92 for a diuretic is not cost effective.
  • Diuretics decrease weight by pushing water or fluid out of the body; no fat is lost.


Liposvelt is not a weight loss supplement. The single ingredient listed is a strong diuretic that will increase urination and that is the extent of the effect. Any weight lost will be water weight and that will return after the supplement is stopped.

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