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LipoTea is a combination of four types of tea that, when combined, are supposed to produce “fast fat loss effects” when used together as a diet pill in this manner. The website claims that this product is very powerful and that LipoTea made hot supplements like Phentermine, Fen-Phen, Alli, and Ephedra “obsolete.” The makers of LipoTea state that this product is a “weight loss phenomenon” with hardcore results that have never before been possible.

List of Ingredients

LipoTea contains four tea extracts: Oolong Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, and Black Tea.

Product Features

Each tea extract has its own benefits. According to the LipoTea website, Oolong Tea is good for controlling obesity by activating the enzyme which dissolves triglycerides. It is also said to enhance the functionality of fat metabolism in the body. Green Tea is an anti-oxidant that is supposed to be effective in accelerating fat loss. The LipoTea product website provides a link to a Yale University website, which is apparently a study which proves this to be true. White Tea is very similar to Green Tea, but is more potent and powerful. Black Tea contains additional anti-oxidants which the LipoTea website claims will help to lower stress and which will help lower weight gain.

The makers of LipoTea claim that taking this product is probably more effective than drinking these four teas over the course of your day, because their ingredients are more powerful and are able to be purchased at a discount. The website offers consumers a low price to try the product. Consumers who purchase three bottles receive one bottle free, while consumers who purchase four bottles receive two bottles free.

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  • The website offers a special price of $17.50 per bottle, so LipoTea is relatively inexpensive to try. The normal price, however, is $72.00 per bottle.
  • The website has both customer testimonials and before & after photos which help to demonstrate product effectiveness to consumers.


  • The LipoTea website provides customer testimonials, but they are very vague and do not contain before & after photos.
  • The website for LipoTea does not mention a money back guarantee.
  • LipoTea does not contain a proven fat burner or appetite suppressant.


Such strong claims from a product website can leave customers leery, especially when information about clinical studies and legitimate testimonials or before & after photos are not provided. Though certain types of teas have been proven to be good for overall health, we could not find studies to prove that a combination of these four teas will cause rapid weight loss without a user altering their diet or exercise habits. Consumers who are in the market for a diet pill or weight loss supplement should choose a product that is proven effective by consumer trials and scientific research. It would be better if LipoTea provided this data to consumers who wish to try the product or at least a money back guarantee in case the product proves to be ineffective. While the low initial trial price is nice, the subsequent price jump for additional bottles of LipoTea is pretty high.

LipoTea is no longer manufactured, but you can post about your experiences in our LipoTea user forum below.

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