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LipoTherapy is promoted by its makers as a treatment technique to reduce localized fat deposits and cellulite. It is suppose to be a noninvasive alternative to surgery. LipoTherapy has been used in Europe for years. The treatment involves a solution that is injected in the fatty tissue of the skin. The solution allegedly dissolves the fat and allows the body to metabolize it naturally. The micro-injections are suppose to help clients reduce cellulite and other fat. The treatment areas for LipoTherapy are the abdomen, hips, thigh, and love-handles. Smaller areas such as the bra bulge area and the chin are also typically treated during LipoTherapy . The treatments are supposed to be performed only by qualified and medically trained staff.

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LipoTherapy is suppose to work by dissolving the fat cells although there is no scientific evidence that supports the claims made by LipoTherapy. The fatty acids are then supposedly reabsorbed slowly and excreted from the body over several weeks. During the process, the areas of desired fat reduction are injected with Phosphatidylcholine (PC) and sodium deoxycholate (DC). The surfactant, Phosphatidylcholine, occurs naturally in the body as a component of bile acids and the membranes of all cells. Deoxycholate is an emulsifier required to make PC into an injectable form. LipoTherapy treatments are continuing and must be combined with healthy diet and regular exercise. The treatment is not meant to be a weight reducer because it is marketed for people who are close to their body weight goal. Reportedly, the number of LipoTherapy treatments required to reach the clients desired results vary. The effectiveness of the treatment is suppose to vary as well.

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  • LipoTherapy can target specific problem area.
  • The active ingredients in the injections are suppose to work for up to six months.
  • LipoTherapy is nonsurgical.


  • LipoTherapy is very costly.
  • Only available in certain areas.
  • It is unclear how many treatments would be necessary.
  • People with medical conditions cannot participate in LipoTherapy.
  • Women who want to become pregnant cannot be admitted for LipoTherapy.
  • No clinical studies to determine the effectiveness of the program.


LipoTherapy typically is recommended in groups of 6 treatments and are executed every 2 to 3 weeks. The clients personal history and medical history is supposed to be reviewed before the first treatment. Reportedly, the number of injections a client needs is determined by the thickness of the fat and the individual response. The active ingredients are suppose to continue dissolving fat for up to six months.

A nurse is suppose to evaluate the clients before being admitted into the LipoTherapy program. people with a history of heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, are pregnant or looking to become pregnant are not accepted into the LipoTherapy program.

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  • 1
    Rao Rizwan

    Hi there,
    i wanted to know what will be cost for lipotherapy for my wife?
    she has a fat tummy
    please guide me about the cost & time how long it will take??
    waiting for your reply


  • 2
    Rao Rizwan

    Hi there,
    i wanted to know what will be that cost for lipotherapy for my wife?
    she has tummy i want to reduce that can u please guide me how long it will take what will be cost?
    waiting for your reply
    Rao Rizwan