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Lipotomy is a system promoted by ESC European Slimming Center located in Jakarta, Indonesia. The system was developed by Dr. Jacques Durand who is a medical doctor from France. He is supposed to be a recognized expert in fat losing techniques. Lipotomy is a technique allegedly used to remove cellulite from the client’s body without surgery.

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The Lipotomy procedure is said to be performed with local anesthesia although it is advertised as a nonsurgical treatment that is suppose to have permanent results. The Lipotomy is suppose to remove excess fatty deposits such as cellulite and tissue slackening. However, this treatment is hard to assess due to the nondisclosure the client is required to sign before having the procedure done. The procedure purportedly helps clients lose one to two dress sizes in the first two to four weeks. The developer will not provide any information about the programs details which may be unsettling to some prospective clients.

It is known that the Lipotomy treatment is done once and the session length is between 2 and 4 hours. The client will return to Jakarta in one month for a review of the results. the procedure is costly, not available in the United States and appears very secretive.

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  • A few before and after photos are available for viewing.


  • Only offered in Jakarta.
  • Secretive procedure and the clients must sign a nondisclosure.
  • The company has not posted any research or clinical studies.


Lipotomy developers have provided no testimonials posted with the photos. The photos are the only “evidence” of effectiveness of the Lipotomy program. Potential clients have no way to judge the program to know if they would benefit from the procedure or not. Most people seeking product information would like to know past clients opinions of the program, however, the company prevents their clients from discussing the program. Because the procedure is only offered in Asia, it raises questions as to not only the effectiveness but also the safety of the procedure. The Lipotomy procedures and the techniques and cleaning of any tools and devices should be scrutinized. No doubt the Lipotomy would likely not pass US standards and FDA guidelines or the company would probably make the system available in the US.

It is recommended to anyone who is considering the Lipotomy to explore other avenues of supplements or procedures that do not require a trip to Asia and most importantly are not done in secrecy. Look for weight loss programs that have a historical record and clinical studies to indicate results. Also read former client testimonials to determine if the product is right for you.

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    I have personally tried the technique in Singapore, and i m very happy about the results. The technique don use any active ingredients and its work….. im happy. less than 2 weeks for loose my tummy…. i recommend it to all womens who want loose without effort…