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Lipotrophin PM is a night fat burner that claims to increase metabolism while you sleep. Products that claim to increase fat burn or weight loss while the dieter sleeps are not proven to have any real effect on weight. However, the ingredients in Lipotrophin PM may help the dieter sleep more soundly and reduce night time cravings that may cause weight gain. Many dieters fight with night cravings, so controlling those cravings is important to reducing calorie intake and thus promoting weight loss.

List of Ingredients


  • Green Tea
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • Bacopa Monniera
  • Banaba Extract

Product Features

The first problem we see with Lipotrophin PM is the inclusion of green tea in the formula. The green tea is not listed as decaffeinated. If there is caffeine in the green tea, which is the case for most forms of green tea used in supplements, there could be some increase in heart rate resulting in loss of sleep.

The remaining ingredients are included to control blood glucose levels. Dieters may notice extreme hunger or cravings often associated with a sharp drop in blood glucose. These cravings are one of the main reasons dieters fail at weight loss. When blood glucose drops, the brain signals hunger so the dieter eats simple carbohydrates to bring glucose levels up. The hunger is not real; it is simply a response to a physical reduction in glucose, but the hunger feels very real.

Ingredients like banaba extract and mucuna pruriens are backed with some clinical research proving they help control blood glucose response, but dieters are still responsible for eating right and exercising during the day.

Dieters with diabetes should consult their physician before taking this product or any weight loss supplement that claims to help control blood glucose response. The supplements could interfere with how diabetes medications work.

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  • Ingredients for Lipotrophin PM are listed online.
  • Some of the ingredients are clinically supported.
  • Dieters may notice a decline in night time eating and hunger.
  • May improve sleep.


  • Should not be consumed by dieters with diabetes.
  • May not help dieters lose weight.
  • Dieters must maintain a healthy diet and exercise program while taking this supplement.
  • Will not increase fat burn.


Lipotrophin PM is not a night time fat burner. It is an appetite suppressant supplement with a natural sleep aid thrown in to improve sleep. If the dieter does not feel overnight cravings and they sleep more soundly they could decrease the number of calories they consume and thus lose weight. At no point is fat burn increased.

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