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What You Should Know

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Made by ISS (Integrated Sports Science), Lipovar 8 is marketed as a weight management system that is supposed to “stimulate fat loss, curb the appetite, inhibit sugar cravings, and promote an increase in lean body mass”. Lipovar 8 is said to have the same ingredients as other weight loss management pills however, it supposedly works better due to the dosage of its ingredients in comparison to other, similar products. Lipovar 8 is said to contain only pharmaceutical grade ingredients in the exact dosages which were used in clinical trials that produced effective results. Lipovar 8 claims to “deliver what it promises”, which is a “safe, ephedra-free weight loss alternative”. The product also seems to marketed towards those who already lead an active lifestyle.

List of Ingredients

The list of ingredients for Lipovar 8 include: ForsLean Coleus Forskohlii Extract [Standardized for 40% forskohlin (25mg)] 62.5mg, Guarana Extract [Standardized for 22% alkaloids as caffeine (50mg)] 228mg, Gymnema Sylvestre Extract [Standardized for 25% gymnemic acids (25mg)] 100mg, Citrus Aurantium Extract [Standardized for 8% synephrine (7.5mg)] 94mg, Green Tea Extract [Standardized for 50% polyphenols extract (30mg)] 60mg, USP Caffeine 50mg, Calcium Phosphate 764mg, Bioperine 2.5mg

Product Features

Lipovar 8 is ephedra free and contains eight different fat burning ingredients. Users must take two capsules twice a day for a total of four capsules. The product does contain caffeine, so it may be best not to take Lipovar 8 too late in the evening as the product packaging warns that sleeping disorders may be experienced by some users.

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  • Lipovar 8 is relatively inexpensive at only about $40.00 per bottle. Some websites that sell Lipovar 8 offer a lower price and free shipping. There are also volume discounts available if you purchase larger quantities.
  • Lipovar 8 is readily available from many online sources and is manufactured by a reputable company that also produces several related products.


  • The official product website does not provide customer testimonials or before & after photos to demonstrate product effectiveness.
  • Lipovar 8 contains caffeine, which means this weight loss product may not be right for all dieters.
  • Lipovar 8 does not include a known appetite suppressant in its list of ingredients.


Although Lipovar 8 does contain some good ingredients, the product certainly contains large amounts of caffeine which means this product may not be right for all dieters. Lipovar 8 contains Green Tea extracts, which has been known to reduce cholesterol levels and increase the thermogenesis process. The product also contains Gymnema Sylvestre Extract which is good because this ingredient has been shown to block fat from being absorbed into the blood stream. The makers of Lipovar 8 should offer a money back guarantee to encourage consumers to try the product, and should also provide before and after photos of people who have achieved successful results.

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