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What You Should Know

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Lipovent is a fat binding supplement by Metabolic Nutrition. The official website for the company lists the product, but the name varies between Lipovent and Liposin. Both products claim to have the same fat binding effect, but neither has an accessible page on the website. The link for Liposin leads to an empty page and the link for Lipovent leads to an error page. Third party vitamin retailers sell Lipovent for $22 a bottle. These companies list no testimonials or before and after photos from dieters losing weight on Lipovent. If the company cannot keep up the product page, how is the dieter supposed to trust they are selling a viable product?

List of Ingredients

Opuntia Ficus Indica, Psyllium Husk (Plantago app) (husk), Glucomannan (Amorphophallus konjac) (root), Cassia Nomame (cassia Mimosoides) (seed extract 10:1), Magnesium Citrate, Senna P.E. (3% stand. Sennosides), Slippery Elm Powder, Aloe Vera P.E., Turkey Rhubarb, Meridextrine.

Product Features

We love the fact that supplement companies think they can describe a supplement as being one thing and list the ingredient list proving that claim is nothing more than a lie. The ingredients in Lipovent are laxatives. Laxatives do not bind to fat or stop fat storage. There are no weight loss benefits from laxatives, but there are potential side effects that could cause the dieter pain, discomfort, dehydration and death.

Psyllium husk and glucomannan are sources of fiber. These are commonly used in weight loss supplements as appetite suppressants. There is nothing wrong with using a healthy fiber supplement to feel fuller between meals, but fiber is also a bulk-forming laxative. Cassia, Magnesium, Senna, Slippery Elm, Aloe Vera and Rhubarb are all laxatives. Taking multiple laxatives can lead to water loss, cramping, diarrhea, potassium loss and electrolyte imbalance. In extreme cases, death can occur.

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  • Ingredients are listed online.
  • The product is cheaper than other weight loss supplements.
  • There is an official website for the manufacturer.


  • Contains laxatives and fiber.
  • No thermogenic or fat-burning ingredients.
  • No official page on the main website.
  • The product has two names on the Metabolic Nutrition site.
  • May cause dehydration, cramping, diarrhea and addiction to laxatives.
  • Weight loss associated with taking Lipovent is not fat loss.


There is no reason for a company to sell a product for weight loss under false pretenses. Lipovent is not a fat binding supplement. It is a laxative and fiber supplement. Taking laxatives for longer than a few days can lead to dehydration and addiction. After a time, the muscles used to expel waste grow weak and the dieter needs laxatives to have a normal bowel movement. Overuse of laxatives is associated with eating disorders.

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