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Lipozin Review - Does This Weight Loss Supplement Work? Is the hoodia hype a deal breaker?

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The dieting community has been inundated with products that claim the nearly magical properties of hoodia. We wanted to look at Lipozin to see if it was just hype of if the makers had found a way to combine hoodia with other ingredients to create a breakthrough product. We looked at the ingredients and company information as well as user reviews to give you the information you need to know to make a well informed decision.

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What You Need to Know

Hoodia is one of the primary ingredients of Lipozin. Initially this is worrisome because while it was once considered to be the best all natural appetite suppressant available, research hasn’t proven those claims to be accurate. However, there are a couple of ingredients that are verified as being effective in promoting weight loss.

The full list of ingredients are hoodia gordonii, green tea extract, guarana seed, cha de bugre, and chromium. Green tea extract, guarana seed and chromium are proven ingredients, but read on…

Limited Details

The biggest concern with Lipozin, of course, is that the primary ingredient has been clinically proven to be no more effective in aiding weight loss than a placebo. Further, none of the amounts are listed for any of the ingredients. This makes it impossible to discern if the quantities of the effective ingredients are used in sufficient quantities to promote weight loss.

According to our research editor, “Any company comfortable listing the primary ingredient as one that is well known to be ineffective, has questionable testing methodologies.”

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Other Ingredieints

Let’s look for a moment at the ingredients that do have benefits in the field of weight loss. Green tea extract is a stimulant that enhances metabolism in two ways. First, it has EGCG which is a metabolism booster. It also contains caffeine which helps maximize energy and dieting result. The next promising ingredient is chromium which is an established appetite suppressant. It works by regulating glucose levels in the blood which often spike, and then crash, after eating carbohydrates. This can help stabilize blood levels and reduce cravings following such a crash.

Our research indicates that these two ingredients can be quite effective when used properly. The issue with this product is how well they are used.

The Science

The makers of Lipozin offer absolutely no clinical evidence to support the claims that this supplement is effective. In fact, one reviewer said, “This stuff is just a gimmick and is surely a waste of money. The fact that one of the ingredients has actually been disproven as an effective method of weight loss is possibly the most concerning, and obvious, indication that the company doesn’t rely on science in their development process.

The Bottom Line

We were looking forward to reviewing Lipozin because we are always hopeful that new science will prove old favorites are actually effective when used in combination with other ingredients or if used in a slightly different way. Unfortunately, the company that makes Lipozin seems to have simply jumped on a gimmicky bandwagon and not done any real research, so we simply cannot recommend this product.

If you’re interested in losing weight, we recommend looking for companies who promote true scientific research when developing new products. Safety and efficacy should always be the primary concern in product research and development.

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How Does Lipozin Compare?

Previous Lipozin Review (Updated August 22, 2012):

What You Should Know

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Lipozin is another weight loss supplement that claims the power of hoodia is enough to help dieters achieve weight loss goals. Hoodia was once thought to be the strongest appetite suppressant on the market, but clinical research proved the ingredient worked no better than a placebo, so the dieter is left with a supplement based on false marketing. Despite the false claims about hoodia, there are two proven ingredients in the formula.

List of Ingredients


  • Hoodia Gordonii
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Guarana Seed
  • Cha de Bugre
  • Chromium

Product Features

There are no amounts listed for any of the ingredients in Lipozin. This means the company could have added just a touch so the ingredient could appear on the label. Even if an ingredient is proven, as is the case with green tea, if too little is included in the formula the dieter might as well flush their money down the toilet.

Hoodia, as we stated before, is not going to suppress appetite. Clinical research proves all claims of appetite suppression false.

Green tea extract is clinically proven to increase metabolism two-fold. First, it contains EGCG. EGCG increases metabolism with or without caffeine. Caffeine is the other element of green tea. Caffeine increases energy and metabolism to maximize the effects of exercise and healthy diet.

Guarana seed is another stimulant. While this ingredient will increase energy there are no clinical studies supporting weight loss claims like the ones that exist for caffeine and green tea.

Chromium is the other proven ingredient. Chromium may help control hunger by regulating blood glucose response to food, particularly carbohydrates. If the dieter eats carbohydrates they can experience a sharp rise in glucose followed by a crash. The crash causes cravings for more carbohydrates.

We found no testimonials or free trial offers for Lipozin. We also found no official website so the product could be currently off the market.

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  • Ingredients in Lipozin are simple to find online.
  • The formula contains commonly used ingredients.
  • Caffeine, green tea and chromium are proven to boost metabolism and suppress hunger.


  • May no longer be available for sale.
  • No testimonials supporting weight loss claims.
  • No free trials for customers who wish to try before they buy.
  • Could interact with medications.


Lipozin is not an effective weight loss solution because the dieter has no idea how much of each ingredient is included in the supplement. We suggest choosing supplements with complete ingredient lists and testimonials.

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