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Lipton Tea is manufactured by Lipton, and is available in many variations, including green, herbal and black, and flavored such as berry, citrus and mint. Tea has been a staple of many culture’s diets for centuries, but research is just now starting to prove the health benefits of all types of tea. Lipton Tea can be hot or cold, and is a virtually calorie free, sugar free, fat free, and sodium free drink, but is said to be an aromatic and satisfying drink. The health benefits include supporting weight loss, anti-oxidants, decreased risk of cancer, coronary artery disease, and oral diseases, and strengthening the body’s immune system.


Lipton Tea contains orange pekoe and pekoe cut black tea. Other tea varieties may contain herbs, sugar, green tea, and other flavors.

Product Features

Lipton Tea contains natural ingredients in all varieties and flavors. The original hot tea variety contains only orange pekoe and pekoe cut black tea. This combination offers 150 mg of anti-oxidants or flavanoids per serving. The only other nutritional information includes 25mg of potassium and 55 mg of caffeine. It is the flavanoids that help the body protect itself against the free radicals. These free radicals are said to contribute to developing chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancers by damaging the cells. Many scientific studies are being conducted to investigate the health benefits of tea. Green tea especially has been shown to have positive effects including weight loss. All tea has been shown to strengthen the body’s immune system, protect the teeth by inhibiting plaque bacteria, and increase calories burned during the normal day. Some evidence has shown a positive effect on bone health as well. There is no recommended daily value for tea, but studies have shown that drinking 3 cups of tea a day may reduce the risk of heart attack by 12%.

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  • Lipton Tea is available in many varieties and flavors.
  • Lipton Tea can be purchased in any grocery store.
  • Lipton Tea is made with natural ingredients.


  • Lipton Tea contains caffeine which may produce side effects in some consumers.
  • Lipton Tea has flavors that may contain sugar.


Lipton Tea is available in many flavors and offers many health benefits. Tea can be consumed hot or cold, and there are different varieties for those preferences. Lipton Tea does contain caffeine that may cause side effects such as an increased pulse, increased blood pressure, jitters and insomnia. Consumers sensitive to stimulants should consider the decaffeinated variety of Lipton Tea. Also, some varieties of Lipton Tea may contain sugar, so consumers on sugar free diets should consider other varieties of the tea. Lipton Tea may support weight loss efforts, but is not specifically marketed as a weight loss supplement.

Consumers looking for a weight loss supplement should look for one with an appetite suppressant and a fat burner. This combination in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise will produce the best results. This supplement should have a dedicated website with customer testimonials and clinical trials proving the effectiveness of the product.

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  • 1
    Mustapha Abubakar

    can a five months baby be able to drink a lipton


  • 2
    Chioma Benedicta

    I want to lose weight should i drink hot or cold?


  • 3
    Your Name



  • 4
    Your Name

    please I do take Lipton tea in the morning but dont know if I should add it sugar when taking it for weight loss


  • 5
    owo ejikeme

    i do enjoy the tea, especially in the morning. But i have question i would like to ask. Do lipton tea reduce red blood cell? I will like to get a reply through my email address.


  • 6
    Chidimma Janet

    I want to know how many weeks it will take me to be do


  • 7

    Please does lipton affect man’s performance during sex?


  • 8

    I really like d taste of lipton tea is good most especially for who want to lose weight


  • 9

    For the people asking if it helps with weight loss …. in a way, it does. It speeds up you’re metabolism which helps with weight loss. But you cant rely on green tea to loose weight. You have to actually physically get up and get active and first and foremost – EAT CLEAN FOOD! You’re food diet is the #1 thing that is really going to help you. But yes, green tea helps.


  • 10
    Anthony juliet

    I just want to know if Lipton tea can help me loss some weight? And how many times I my suppose to be drinking it a day?


  • 11
    okpalaugo chigoo

    I often experience joint pain most time i take lipton.what quantity of caffeine does it contain?could this quantity be the reason behind my joint still very young and very much active lady


  • 12
    Abdusalam azeez oludapo

    what is advantage of drinking lipton tea without milk or is it more advisable to be drinking lipton with out milk….?


  • 13
    Olayemi Olaniyan

    Is Lipton Tea good for weight loss?



    Yes but you’ll have to help. You can’t just drink it and expect to lose weight, you have to also workout and and eat right.


  • 14

    I heard dat lipton tea has an effect in the womb,is it true



    Taking it with milk is preferable and make it less effective to harm.