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A liquid diet restricts food intake and substitutes physical meals with liquid alternatives. These types of weight loss fad diets have been around for decades and few, if any, are considered healthy alternatives to a reduced calorie diet plan. Some of the more popular liquid diets will include lemonade, cayenne pepper, maple syrup, or prepared juice drinks in place of food. The caloric restriction associated with a liquid diet is typically too much for a dieter to follow for extended periods of time. Celebrities and common dieters alike have tried liquid diets without much luck.

List of Ingredients

Liquids consumed in place of foods.

Produce Features

When looking at a liquid diet, the dieter needs to ask a few questions to gauge just how dangerous the diet may be. How many total calories are consumed every day? What is the primary source of vitamins and nutrients? How long am I supposed to follow the diet? Are there proven studies linking this liquid diet to long lasting weight loss?

It is important to note that some liquid diets are prescribed by attending physicians and include protein shakes and supplements to assure all nutrients and calories are consumed to keep the body functioning properly. These diets are often consumed before having weight loss surgery or as part of a medical weight loss plan. Dieters must attend regular doctor’s appointments and have blood work drawn to verify good health during weight loss.

Fad or trendy liquid diets are a bit different. These are often created on the Internet and offer quick weight loss and include severe calorie restriction and laxative qualities. The Lemonade Diet is one of the more popular liquid diets. A quick search on the Internet returns thousands of variations all based on the same three ingredients – lemonade, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. The laxative qualities may cause diarrhea and severe dehydration, which is why many people who choose this liquid diet soon return to normal eating patterns and regain any weight lost on the plan.

Liquid diet plans are not considered safe, in most cases, unless being administered and followed by a medical professional. Even then, dieters need to journal intake and output closely as well as any aches and pains they feel on a daily basis to report to their doctor.

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  • Liquid diets are often free online with inexpensive ingredient lists.


  • Weight loss is temporary.
  • Dehydration can be a serious problem.
  • Nutrition intake is often curbed dramatically.


We are not fans of the liquid diet for weight loss. Losing weight requires relearning how to choose proper portions and reduce calories through good food choices, not by drinking every meal and restricting calories to the point many liquid diets suggest.

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