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There are hundreds of hCG drops taken as part of a liquid hCG diet for weight loss. All make the same claims; the dieter will burn more fat as energy and thus lose weight. Most hCG supplements require a 500 calorie diet. There are no clinical studies supporting weight loss claims made by hCG companies. The theory that hCG, also known as human chorionic gonadotropin, causes the body to burn more fat is based on literature written by Dr. A.W. Simeons. The extremely low calorie diet is likely the cause of weight loss, but consuming 500 or fewer calories per day will only lead to fast weight loss followed by rebound weight gain.

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There is no official website for the liquid hCG diet, per say. There are, however, multiple websites that offer hCG supplements and supply directions for following a liquid hCG diet. The term liquid does not refer to the foods consumed on the diet; rather it refers to the means of taking hCG. Clinical studies of hCG injections for weight loss have proven the diet ineffective. There is no increased metabolism or fat burn associated with injections, let alone the liquid form of hCG.

hCG is a pregnancy hormone that is excreted in the female body to facilitate changes required to maintain life. If hCG were to promote fat loss, pregnant women would be the thinnest women in the world. When dieters start the liquid hCG diet, they are often thrilled with the immediate weight loss, but hCG is not to blame. When the dieter reduces caloric intake to 500 or fewer, the body must get energy from somewhere. The energy chain starts with carbohydrates, because they are easy to convert to energy. Next is protein and finally, fat. If carbohydrates are not available, the body will resort to burning muscle for energy before choosing fat. This means weight lost on the liquid hCG diet is likely due to muscle loss.

Drops used on the liquid hCG diet cost about $50 a bottle. Some products cost more and others cost less. None of these drops, no matter the price, are effective for weight loss purposes.

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  • The liquid hCG diet will cause weight loss.


  • hCG is clinically proven to have no effect on weight loss.
  • Drops are sold as part of an extremely low calorie diet.
  • Dieters must eat less than 500 calories per day.


Not only are there no clinical trials supporting liquid hCG diet weight loss claims, the diet may actually be unsafe to follow for extended periods. Consuming so few calories will lead to hunger and, potentially, rebound weight gain. Dieters should always follow a very low calorie diet with physician supervision.

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