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Lite n Easy is a meal delivery company in Australia. The company prepackages meals for dieters who want to lose weight without the struggle of counting calories and maintaining a food journal. The service is limited to dieters in Australia, so people in the United States cannot order any of the Lite n Easy products or foods. The official website offers a detailed description of the program and outlines different purchasing options. The three ordering options for Lite n Easy customers are the Full Meal Plan, Dinners Only and Custom Options. The Full Meal Plan is available in 1,200 calories, 1,500 calories and 1,800 calories. The most expensive plan costs $158 a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Desserts and snacks are extra.

List of Ingredients

Prepackaged meals for dieters in Australia.

Product Features

Lite n Easy provides a long list of prepared meals with featured recipes, including Chinese, Indian and other international cuisine. Dieters choose 7 breakfast meals, 7 lunch meals and 7 dinner meals per week. The meals are delivered directly to the dieter who simply has to reheat and eat. All portions are carefully measured to fit within the desired calorie range. There is no mention of portion size, but the pictures make the meals appear huge. Most of the time, meal delivery companies blow up the pictures to convince the dieter they are receiving more food than the final product delivers.

Cooking reduced calorie meals is much cheaper than ordering from the Lite n Easy menu. Most prepackaged meals have a higher than normal sodium content, so dieters need to check the nutritional facts for each recipe before placing an order. In some cases, the sodium content may be too high for dieters with high blood pressure.

There are only four desserts listed on the Lite n Easy website. This limits the choices for the dieter. In most cases, desserts are included on the meal plan, but Lite n Easy charges an additional fee for ordering desserts. Snacks are mentioned on the product description as being included in the Full Meal Plan, but we found no mention of snacks to choose from.

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  • Dieters choose calorie total and meals are delivered to the door.

  • Convenient dieting.

  • Reduces food preparation time.

  • Meals can be taken to work and on trips to help the dieter maintain control.


  • The meal plans cost more than cooking at home.

  • May contain high sodium levels.

  • Limited dessert choices.

  • The Full Meal Plan does not appear to come with snacks.

  • Only available in Australia.


Lite n Easy is a fantastic option for dieters in Australia. Aside from being limited to the country, the cost of the Full Meal Plan and a la cart orders is much higher than the average meal costs to prepare at home. If money is not a problem, dieters can simply log onto the website and order food for home delivery. It is important for dieters to check for food allergies and sodium content.

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3 User Reviews about Lite N Easy

  • 1

    This is my first time ordering Lite n Easy. I have been on the 1500cal plan for 3 days and I am struggling to eat all the food. My brother is on the same plan for the convenience of being a single bachelor. He has lost 8kgs in 3 weeks. The food is delicious, so fresh, packaged well, delivered to my work and so convenient especially for me being a mum of two children, working fulltime and wanting to lose weight. As far as the ordering the meals go, you can choose between two menus for breakfast and lunches and both menus have snacks included. You cannot choose snacks individually but so far all have been tasty and enjoyable. I highly recommend Lite n Easy to anyone considering it, to try it.


  • 2

    I am enjoying lite n’ easy, the food is better than I expected and I look forward to each meal. I feel healthier and have lost weight easily, I haven’t had one bad experience to date. Well worth it!!


  • 3

    i am waiting on a reply to see about ordering/selection etc.